From episode 118

59:27 Donald Trump hates everyone in the White House and we examine the 25th
Amendment which provides another option for removing this awful man
from the Presidency.

From episode 107

1:30:11 And we finish with a look at Donald Trump, who he has sacked and who he is yet to sack and can he pardon himself?

From episode 97

10:48 Donald Trump is the gift that keeps on giving but perhaps gives too often. It is hard to keep up with his daily escapades where he commits what for most people would be career ending mistakes. We give a quick explanation of what is required to impeach a president.

From episode 93

33:30  Trump is a lot like the God of the Old Testament

From episode 92

1:23 Partisan bias and public opinion on Trump’s Syria strike

8:50 A Washington Post poll reveals Republicans disapproved of bombing when Obama was considering it but approved when Trump did it.

16:45  Trump can remember dessert but not the name of the country he bombed

Attacking North Korea: surely Donald Trump couldn’t be that foolish

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