From episode 114

The Fist talks to Tanya, the Captain of the Australian chapter of The Church of The Flying Spaghetti Monster.

From episode 113

1:00:04 American protestants do not understand the basic tenets of their own religion.

From episode 103

51:50 John Dixon asks how anyone can still take Jesus seriously today and we agree that this is a good question. Our answer is that people do not think rationally but that is unlikely to be his thesis.

57:13 The Fist compares the study of the Bible with the study of Grimm’s fairy tales. If you are studying how the stories were gathered and how they evolved over time and the differences between the stories and matters of that type then it is legitimate study. The problem is that the scholars of Grimm’s fairy tales do not actually believe that the fairy tales are real which unfortunately is a mistake often made by theologians in relation to the Bible..

From episode 101

34:44 Sunni-Shia divide gets a better explanation.

From episode 95

12:28 After that, we examine the blasphemy charge against Stephen Fry which was dismissed due to lack of outrage while simultaneously Governor Ahok in Indonesia was sentenced to 2 years jail for blasphemy. The irony is that Stephen Fry committed blasphemy and got off while Governor Ahok did not commit blasphemy and was found guilty.

From episode 93

28:35  Religion is dragging us down says a famous biologist

30:11  The Dalai Lama is running rings around the Pope

33:30  Trump is a lot like the God of the Old Testament

From episode 90

54:50 The caste system is alive and well in Australia.

1:01:29 We need some sort of comparative religious study in schools. But religious leaders would be too biased and unqualified to speak on other religions.

From episode 89

Buddhism as explained by Venerable Alex




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