Tax and the Economy

From episode 129

1:14:10 The Shoppies Union has done a deal with Domino’s and it doesn’t seem like a good one for the employees.

From episode 128

55:08 A frightening explanation as to why our economy is a house of cards. As a whole, the Australian economy has grown through a property bubble inflating on top of a mining bubble, built on top of a commodities bubble, driven by a China bubble.

From episode 126

0:59 There are a lot of big companies paying little or no tax. Multinational companies shift income overseas to tax havens. The Fist wants to buy a phone from a company which pays appropriate tax but it’s not possible. The USA is introducing massive tax cuts which will cripple their economy and Malcolm Turnbull stupidly thinks we need to follow suit. Any business which is relying on tax rates to determine its domicile will avoid both Australia and the USA and go somewhere with almost zero tax. Retailers like Zara and Apple will come here no matter what the tax rate just to access our wealthy market. Any reduction will simply help local companies (like our banks) who cannot easily shift profits overseas. Studies have shown that the extra money is simply pocketed by the shareholders and no extra investment results. We need to attract businesses who value lifestyle and a low risk of being shot on the way to the cinema and who are willing to pay more tax for those benefits.


From episode 121

1:05:18 A recent survey shows that 30% of Australians do not understand our company tax rates and how they compare to the rest of the world.

From episode 119

52:42 If you think Australia pays too much tax then we have an article showing that that is not the case and it compares Australia to other countries in the G20 and looks at the statutory rate, the average corporate rate and the effective corporate rate.

:04:52 America hates socialism without knowing why but the reason is that there is a lack of social trust in America with a resulting lack of willingness to pay tax. If we are to follow a European course rather than the US model we must work hard to maintain social trust.

From episode 105

34:00 We have mentioned before that religious groups are blocking progressive change on social issues and in this episode we discuss dominionism and the desire by religious groups to impose neo-liberal policies. This is an adoption of the prosperity gospel which has been happening in the USA.

41:40  Watch out for neo-liberalism. The Fist plays a clip from Yanis Varoufakis describing the difference between Star Trek and The Matrix. In the short term that can be seen in the difference between Canada and the USA. The Daily Telegraph by publishing a special future shock front page let everyone know that it is out of touch.

From episode 93

52:02  America is Regressing into a Developing Nation for Most People

1:00:32  Australia Post hits back at Amazon and eBay and says Coalition’s GST model is best

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