From episode 116

44:43 We take a look at the survey by National Church Life Survey showing
attitudes of Australians to Religion, God, Prayer and Spirituality.

From episode 102

01:20 The 2016 Census result

06:40 The Fist says the result is a disgrace.

10:15 The Fist explains why we must get a different religion question in the next Census and he also takes aim at cultural Christians.

12:32 What will it take for people to get interested in religious interference.

13:56 Don’t want to donate an organ? OK, you go to the bottom of the list if you need ever one. We should do the same with the census question response and future needs for progressive laws.

16:10 We look at the theories put forward in a book called “Thinking Fast and Slow” and why we need a better question and compare our statistics to other countries.

49:10 Australians do not understand the dangers of political donations.

From episode 95

48:30 We have statistics to show that Australians are not as Islamophobic as we are led to believe while immigrants in the UK are surprisingly against further immigration and

57:14 A masculinity survey of Egyptians, Palestinians and Morrocans

From episode 92

57:17 A map of the world’s most and least racially tolerant countries

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