Education and Religious Instruction in Schools

From episode 124

1:23:50 Wealthy parents are now flocking to public schools and we look at the facts and figures for education funding in Goulburn.

From episode 121

7:05 Australian attitudes to private schools are like American attitudes to
gun control.

From episode 105

9:27 Next, we look at scripture classes in New South Wales and the religious beliefs of the various players on both sides of politics.

From episode 104

The Fist chats to Queensland Parents for Secular State Schools about RI in Queensland

From episode 99

1:06:04 Finally, the Catholic Church is telling kids that if they want to enjoy casual clothes day then they must ensure that their parents sign a complaint letter about school funding.

From episode 97

5:58 We criticise the government for paying money to the Catholic hierarchy rather than to individual Catholic schools because the Catholic hierarchy cannot be trusted to distribute the money correctly. In the article we have linked to it is clear that the National Catholic Education Commission has been taking money from poor schools and giving it to rich schools. The Catholics once again demonstrate that they can’t be trusted with money, children or morals.

From episode 95

1:28 We take a quick look at the federal budget and ask why Labor is not supporting the coalition’s policy to reduce funding for elite private schools.

8:20 We briefly remind listeners of the history of government funding of private schools and pay homage to Mother Celestine who pulled off a true miracle by converting a toilet block into a gold mine.

From episode 94

1:13 The Iron Fist and Hugh Harris discuss the NSW SRE decision. Here is one opinion and here is the alternative

From episode 93

16:30  Hugh Harris paints a picture where atheists are in control and turn the tables on theists

From episode 90

1:01:29 We need some sort of comparative religious study in schools. But religious leaders would be too biased and unqualified to speak on other religions.



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