From episode 126

41:34 Sex with a ghost.

From episode 123

33:31 Friend Nile of the New South Wales Upper House told blatant lies about a fictitious horror story regarding assisted dying but excused himself by suggesting that God prompted him to tell the story.

From episode 121

11:22 Greg Sheridan has jumped the shark with his latest religious rant in the Weekend Australian.

1:08:37 You can now sit in a bath tub that smells like Kentucky Fried Chicken

From episode 120

44:20 A priest removes evil spirits from a Las Vegas hotel room.

1:06:26 A magic man steams himself to death.

1:33:47 We finished off with a discussion of our excursion to a talk by the Centre for Public Christianity titled Public Christianity for a post-Christian World.

From episode 116

1:53:28 A three-year-old in Nepal has been declared a living goddess. It is
apparent that in Nepal, animals receive more protection than three-year-old

1:57:29 The Fist argues that apologising for an allegation of sodomy is itself a slur against sodomites deserving of an apology and manages to convince The 12th Man.

From episode 113

15:38 We propose a collective noun for a group of religious nutters.

17:08 Donald Trump initiates a national day of prayer and a “scrotum of religious nutters” gather around to pray in a manner that would breach Matthew Chapter 6 verse 5.

From episode 105

26:08 As a quick diversion from major social changes, we look at the need for gluten free Eucharist as well as the increase in exorcisms in the UK and 30:47 a Guru who is on ice, literally.

From episode 103

00:46 In this episode of the podcast we discuss a crazy Catholic nun who terrorised young children into thinking that they were being permanently removed from their parents. The ordeal lasted for 5 1/2 hours and is a fine example of the sensitivities of the Catholic Church.

11:08 Three women in Detroit go through a ceremony where they are married to Jesus. There are 4000 consecrated virgins in the world. It is strange that the Catholic Church objects to gay marriage because it is not between a man and a woman yet the Catholic Church is happy to consecrate a marriage ceremony between 4000 women and a mythical being. At what point should society step in and help delusional people as they do with the hikikomori in Japan.

44:05 In India it is safer to be a cow than a woman.

59:59 A politician in Jakarta suggests that a sharia law tourism zone would be popular.

From episode 101

19:06 We have exported our fair share of religious nutters to the United States and we can add Andrew Snelling to the list.

22:09 Shark attack victim Tiffany Johnson thanks Jesus for saving her.

1:19:38 We finish with more crazy Americans (chocolate milk comes from brown cows)

From episode 88

20:32 Flat earth basketballers in the NBA. It’s all funny until somebody gets hurt, and, we are being hurt. The recent devotion to cultural tolerance is opening the door to alternative facts. Often, the very people who cheer journalists calling out Trump’s falsehoods are unwilling to do the same when falsehoods are the product of cultures they find more sympathetic or less dangerous. We must maintain the value of objective truth.

17:36 The legal rights of rivers.

1:01:55 The invention of the “Third Pounder” in competition to the “Quarter Pounder” failed as people thought it had less beef as the 3 in 1/3 is smaller than the 4 in 1/4.

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