Marriage Equality

From episode 118

2:10 We start with the extraordinary homily
from Sydney’s Archbishop Anthony Fisher in which he advised Governments
that they should, in general, keep out of the friendship business and
out of the bedroom. In an extraordinary display of self-control he
managed to say this with a straight face.

6:02 This is just one of many examples in this episode of the pot calling
the kettle black. Of course, his comment is correct about the
government but the purpose of the legislation is to ensure that
government stays out of the bedroom and the Archbishop has displayed
incredible gall and chutzpa by failing to acknowledge that too often
the Church itself is the one guilty of interfering in the bedroom.

7:38 The Archbishop complained about religious people potentially losing their jobs
without recognising that this already happens to gay teachers in
religious schools.

9:22 Fortunately not all of the congregation agreed with him.

11:41 The Fist likes the advice of Anna Krein who suggests that rather than
trying to defend the ability of gay couples to properly look after
children we should instead turn the heat on religious groups by
mentioning the Royal Commission and asking why they don’t have their
cap in their hand on this issue.

18:53 We explore an interesting article from Dying For Choice which shows
that religious commitment is generally week although stronger in a
category described as “Other Christian” which can only mean evangelical
groups. There is a link between religiosity and opposition to marriage
equality and voluntary assisted dying.

41:51 The Sydney Anglican diocese has given $1 million dollars to the no
campaign yet the no campaign claims that they are the poor cousin in
financial terms in this debate.

47:26 The no campaign has given in on the results of the survey and is now
manoeuvering to have the legislation drawn up so as to install
religious privilege under the guise of religious freedom but
fortunately, the Labor Party is proposing to go ahead with a draft
bill that does not allow bakeries, florists or photographers to withhold service to gay couples.

From episode 114 (The Flying Spaghetti Monster episode)

21:57 Should a priest be allowed to deny marriage for a couple who supported marriage equality via a Facebook post?

24:22 The Fist’s theory on marriage and the delegation of a civil function.

From episode 109

1:55 We look at the arguments put forward by religious groups opposing marriage equality and note that they have not been honest enough to admit that scripture is their primary reason. It is dishonest and disingenuous of them to put forward arguments of religious freedom, freedom of speech and the danger of the safe schools program.

From episode 95

37:11 In Canada, a polygamy trial highlights the need to remove legality from religious marriage ceremonies.

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