From episode 121

42:05 The Czech Republic is worried about is Islam and Late Night Live cannot understand why.

From episode 98

1:03 We look at the aftermath of the Manchester bombing
1:17 Jonathon Pie on the attack. Carrying on as normal achieves nothing. Apparently, if I get angry, the Terrorists win. A free pass into paradise? Where did he get that idea? We may never know why he did this? Check his WhatsApp.
3:52 Right Wing Tony – We’ve been cowed to say nothing. The Fist wrote a letter to the editor objecting to Karen Brooks who said unity is everything. Refusing to discuss Islam is fake unity. RWT asks if Islam is compatible with civilised society. The religion encourages a fatalistic worldview.
7:44 The Fake Sheik Tawhidi argues with Rifi. Rifi is a moderate apologist for Islam who says suicide bombers are not true Muslims.
9:44 Rifi must have bought an abbreviated version of The Quran. Was the IRA Catholic? The literal interpretation relies on the ordinary meaning of the words.
11:45 We look at a few articles, one by Douglas Murray describing the strange death of liberal Europe and Europe’s unwillingness, contrary to the United States, to be proud of its values and expect assimilation from its immigrants.
14:44 RWT concludes that assimilation is impossible and notes the French have come up with the word “integrisme” which means a refusal to assimilate. In Australia, we seem to be happy to allow parallel lifestyles.
17:25 We discuss the Muslim enclave proposed for Brisbane. A simple question by a councillor led to an allegation of potential racism by Mayor Quirk. This is not a matter of race and it shows you have to be brave to enter the debate as you will be labelled a racist.
21:07 Some European leaders are now acknowledging the problem of parallel lifestyles.
23:14 Kenan Malik notes that in his youth racism was an issue and different races campaigned together and worked to improve lives across various ethnicities but after the Rushdie affair the rebellion divided into ethnicities. Previously a Muslim youth would join a workers union but after identity politics money funnelled to leaders of minority groups and claiming minority and disadvantage was the new key to gaining government money. RWT notes that Italian immigrant families encouraged their youth to assimilate.
30:02 The Muslim 2nd generation isn’t assimilating. The Fist hates it when people argue that refugees aren’t committing terrorism but refuses to acknowledge it is the sons and daughters of refugees who often are.
The ASIO boss states that terrorism has nothing to do with Islam and many academics agree with him which seems contrary the facts. According to the Asio boss, “ASIO does not make assessments on the basis of religion”. He has support from counter-terrorism experts.
37:25 Waleed Aly says terrorism is a form of theatre … an irritant. RWT proposes shutting down all religious schools.
39:45 The Lindt cafe police incompetence means we should not trust the so-called experts who talk down the Islamic element of the problem.
42:17 Anne Aly said it was a long bow to link refugees with terrorism. She says they became radicalised here. It is a strange chicken and egg story. If eggs were nuclear bombs we would start asking “where are the chickens?” but as RWT says, our leaders have decided to leave them as free range. The Fist refers to his favourite article which describes a distilled form of Islam which happens when Muslims are the minority. Kids become more extreme than their parents as part of proving and wallowing in their identity.
47:01 RWT refers to a book “Islamic Exceptionalism”. Basically, Islam is different and exceptional and positive outcomes for Islam are unlikely because of the holy texts.
50:50 Even a moderate well-meaning Muslim is dangerous because of segregation.
51:37 Lawrence Krauss gives his refrigerator argument on QandA. This ignores the manpower spent keeping us safe. Those who argue this should be put on a plane where no security screening has taken place.
53:45 RWT describes the horrifying experience of an Australian girl in an Islamic faith school in NSW.

29:46  Reem Allouche (left) and Atika Latifi discuss how a man should ‘discipline’ his wife in the controversial video.

39:50  Radical Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir takes aim at mainstream Muslims who condemn domestic violence

41:30  Hospital prayer rooms

From episode 90

3:03 The Ayaan Hirsi Ali fiasco where she was vilified by feminist Muslims via a petition and a viral video. Hirsi Ali is accused of Islamophobia.

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