Identity Politics

From episode 121

1:00:05 We look at the link between this, the #MeTo and victimhood.

From episode 119

5:37 A school in the US has banned To Kill a Mockingbird.

From episode 116

56:08 We take aim at the Australian Federal police for insisting that their
employment practices must match the community they serve.

From episode 111

1:21:30 We finish with a defence of the bad white working class. It is the working class who are likely to suffer economic disadvantage from migration and are least likely to cope with politically correct speech and the people who champion ideas often do so knowing that they are immune from the negative effects.

From episode 110

8:15 The Fist then launches into Part A of a theoretical discussion of the difference between ideological identities and non-ideological identities and how this needs to be determined as part of deciding what level of criticism is acceptable.

13:50 Part B of the theory lesson is a discussion of the nature of freedom and more specifically the nature of religious freedom and the Fist’s view is that religious groups must volunteer to give up religious freedom is if they wish to participate in our civilised society. Giving up freedoms and agreeing to regulations is the price that people must pay in order to receive the benefits provided by our society.

From episode 109

1:23:13 Finally, we look at Charlottesville and the demonstration by the white supremacists and take aim at identity politics for causing a large part of the problem.

From episode 108

56:05 We demonstrate how quotas and affirmative action can have unintended consequences for Asian students who are discriminated against.

From episode 107

6:22 The Fist as Devil’s Advocate employs Identity politics arguments against The Squeaky Wheel in a debate over a Sikh’s patka.

50:28 Tim Manda has a problem with gender diversity in the Parole Board and The Fist plays a clip from a recent LNP conference featuring duelling banjos. We discuss the merits of targets for cultural diversity in government and private organisations.

From episode 105

1:02:30 Having exposed problems being caused by the right we ask whether the left can do anything. An article on rural America suggests that it is too late for America.

1:14:30 Unfortunately, in Australia the left is obsessed with identity politics instead of the real issues affecting the disadvantaged in our community and that is the real crime of Yassmin Abdel Magied.

1:19:25 Victims of racism are now asking for racist policies but do not recognise the ethical inconsistency nor the danger which demonstrates a theory from Alistair McLeod that we have lost our ability to discuss ethical issues. The discussion regarding the recognition of Aboriginal people in the Constitution is a fine example of this.

1:32:45 Finally, as a true example of a jumbled mess of ideas, the Fist presents a recording from the Moroccan Soup Bar in which the owner diverts attention from Islam by blaming poor interpretation and men generally and the Fist provides some evidence that perhaps men don’t have it all their own way.

From episode 103

1:02:18 We finish with another great article from Kenan Malik where he explores the idea that cultural identity is a form of racism practised by both the right and the left. Last week, Sandeep and Reena Mander were denied the chance to adopt a child. It was not because their local council, Windsor and Maidenhead, thought that they would not have provided a loving family home. Nor because there were no children to adopt. It is rather that the Manders are of Indian Sikh heritage – though both born in Britain – and the only children needing adoption were white. ‘They took the colour of our skin as the overriding reason not to progress with the application’, Mr Mander said.

From episode 98

23:14 Kenan Malik notes that in his youth racism was an issue and different races campaigned together and worked to improve lives across various ethnicities but after the Rushdie affair the rebellion divided into ethnicities. Previously a Muslim youth would join a workers union but after identity politics money funnelled to leaders of minority groups and claiming minority and disadvantage was the new key to gaining government money. RWT notes that Italian immigrant families encouraged their youth to assimilate.

57:00 Meanwhile feminists blame toxic masculinity for Manchester.
1:04:28 Getting legal instructions from a sports stadium is easier than a river.
41:35 If someone can identify as a different sex then there seems no reason why they cannot identify as a different race but if you try to run that argument you will face enormous abuse from the left. Rachel Dolezal. The left claims to be tolerant but in fact, often they just don’t care because when they do care, their intolerance is obvious.

51:33 Madame, you are an experience, but not an argument. Just because you are a Holocaust survivor does not make you an expert on the Holocaust. An anecdote is not an argument.

From episode 92

1:04:47 Female Track Team Welcomes Boy Who Thinks He’s A Girl Onto Team. He’s Really Fast.

From episode 91 with RWT

33:09 Black Lives Matter has just banned white people from their group. Could a white group ban black people??

35:20 Rachel Dolezal claims race is a social construct and she can simply identify as a black woman if she wants to.

37:02 A discussion of a “River Person” and “Glacier People”. What happens when the river meets the sea? How do we get instructions in a court action, especially if the tide is out?. Presumably, guardians will be appointed. How do we determine the sex of the inanimate object?

45:17 A discussion on identity politics and its divisive influence. Instead of society, we can be said to have transient groupings of individuals who flock together only to best pursue special interest claims based on identity or ask for handouts for their particular victim claims.

46:25 People claim to be tolerant but probably, they just don’t care. The secret of Father Brown illustrates this. The bad brother killed the good brother and assumed his identity. In modern times, when Margaret Thatcher died, the people who said don’t celebrate the death of Osama Bin Laden, were happy to dance on her grave. The same applied when Hirsi Ali was vilified by “Muslim Feminists”. A poem by Yeats “The Second Coming” contains the lines “the best lack all conviction while the worst are full of passionate intensity”.

From episode 90

1:08:29 The decline of men. A counter-argument to male privilege with lots of statistics.

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