Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion

From episode 129

14:39 Unfortunately the Labor Party has stated they are happy with the current range of discrimination exemptions allowed to religious bodies.

15:52 Peter Singer says religious groups who can’t abide by general laws that apply to the rest of us should simply cease the particular activity involved.

18:05  Adrenalin and the Freezer story.

22:32 Peter Singer continued … For example, if you can only eat meat from an animal which has been killed while conscious then just don’t eat meat. If you can’t provide contraception services then don’t operate a hospital.

26:20 We present several cases of unfair discrimination by religious organisations where they escape sanction because of the special exemptions they enjoy.


From episode 128

2:46 Scott Morrison is as mad as hell about the mocking of Christians and he is not going to take it anymore. If he is serious about this he needs to check out the Book of Mormon.

11:04 The ALRC did a report on religious freedom only 2 years ago.

12:09 Fahrenheit 451. In that book, censorship came from the bottom up and the same could be said about modern society. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. When it comes to censorship, one might say that the road to thought and speech control is paved by people trying to protect other people’s feelings.

40:20 So now we have a situation whereby kids’ wheelie shoes are banned, but six-inch knives are fine ­– provided they’re strapped to a Sikh. Welcome to the crazy world of religious privilege.

From episode 127

10:31 Hugh Harris on “Religious Freedom”. Practice Vs Belief.

36:29 The Ruddock panel. Prof Nicholas Aroney, who has said religious freedom should include right to practise sharia law within limits, appointed to Philip Ruddock-led review

48:24 We need a secular legal force.

From episode 126

28:06 Should Milo Yiannopoulos be forced to pay a special fee to the Victorian police force due to the protests at his event? We say no.

48:36 Cakeshop dilemma feedback. The Fist finds support in the Greek financial crisis for his argument about the importance of dignity. Matt and Ken think signs in shops will perhaps solve the problem but The Fist disagrees and The 12th Man admits to doubts.

From episode 125

36:26 Our latest and possibly final cakeshop debate and the merits of religious freedom claims for special exemptions to allow discrimination.

From episode 124

23:54 The Essential Report has come out with statistics as to how
Australians feel about special religious privileges and unfortunately
many of them are willing to grant further privileges to religious
groups and to religious businesses who wish to discriminate against
same-sexx couples.

31:15 A panel has been formed to review protections for
religious freedom and the members of that panel are discussed and we have serious concerns that there are pro religious voices on the panel but no pro secular voices.

49:44 Jackie Lambie has complained that one of her constituents is feeling the pain because he is not sure if he can legally discriminate
against same sex couples.

54:24 Civil celebrants say they don’t want special exemptions.

1:00:54 Bob Katter believes we must fix the crocodile problem first.

From episode 123

20:00 George Brandis has proposed two unnecessary amendments and we discuss generally the difference between a religious objection and a conscientious objection.

From episode 122

10:21 We talk about the draft bill presented by James Paterson and the nature of the exemptions that he is seeking and we also look at the attitude of the Sydney Anglican Church and the Catholic Church to these exemptions. David Marr in an article says that those institutions will not push for the James Paterson style amendments. We reveal a survey which unfortunately shows that many Australians would seemingly agree with the James Paterson amendments.

15:11 The 12th Man and The Iron Fist engage in another round of debate regarding businesses and their entitlement to discriminate against various people in various circumstances.

51:25 The Iron Fist is dismayed at attempts to connect aboriginal kinship with changes to marriage equality laws.

From episode 121

19:31 The threat to freedom narrative by the religious lobby is just a bid for power and privilege.

From episode 120

1:27:24 Bob Brown won a High Court case which summoned an implied right of freedom of political expression and that right may come back to haunt our community regarding the abortion clinic exclusion zones.

From episode 119

48:06 Former High Court judge, Dyson Heydon, praised the man who was responsible for the words “humbly relying on the blessing of Almighty God” in the constitution. He criticized modern elites for being not humble. He said they can see themselves to have entitlements and rights, not blessings. And they do not feel any gratitude to Almighty God for their entitlements and rights.

This is the same man who previously criticized Julia Gillard for being well prepared as a witness.

1:00:40 Hugh Harris has written an article noting that Religious Freedom has become a proxy for religious privilege and he warns that Religious Liberty should not become a Trojan horse for perpetuating religious views

From episode 118

1:12:42 We finish off with a good news story which is the action by the
Northern Territory government to modernise the Anti-discrimination Act
and remove the privileges that allow religious organisations to
discriminate. Of course, a scrotum of religious nutters Is in uproar
but this is a magnificent initiative by the Northern Territory
government which, if successful, will require religious groups to seek
special permission each and every time they seek to discriminate
against non-religious people.

From episode 116

24:47 We look at Iain Benson from Notre Dame University in Sydney and his
calls for special legislation to ensure religious freedom. He refers
to the Canadian case of Trinity Western University Law School which we
explain and we also criticise Professor Benson for his double standards in
various aspects of his arguments.

From episode 115

19:01 Mrs Betty Bowers, America’s best Christian succinctly describes the double standards that apply in relation to religious freedom and persecution.

23:47 As a matter of free speech, an athlete is free to “take a knee” but if you are going to make symbolic gestures then you had better use clear symbols. In the USA there is a brouhaha regarding athletes taking the knee during the playing of the national anthem and the raising of the American flag. The Fist fails to convince The Velvet Glove to change his mind, however, Brandon Tatum proves to be a better Advocate.

From episode 114

34:39 Israel Folau tweets. Should we care? The Fist argues that Alan Joyce is not entitled to speak on behalf of Qantas on an issue which is not core to the business.

From episode 113

22:59 The Fist argues that a group of Far Right Nationalists should not be guilty of a criminal offence and the Victorian Racial and Religious Tolerance Act goes too far.

30:04 On the other hand, the Fist agrees with Peter Dutton that a famous advocate against vaccinations should not be given a Visa to enter Australia. The Fist argues that Kent Heckenlively would likely cause injury or death and has crossed the line in much the same way that inciting violence crosses the line of acceptable free speech.

47:23 We also look at the limits to free speech from offensive language laws which address the F word and the C word.

From episode 110

13:50 Part B of the theory lesson is a discussion of the nature of freedom and more specifically the nature of religious freedom and the Fist’s view is that religious groups must volunteer to give up religious freedom is if they wish to participate in our civilised society. Giving up freedoms and agreeing to regulations is the price that people must pay in order to receive the benefits provided by our society.

24:01 The Velvet Glove is wishy-washy about George Brandis and Pauline Hanson but the Iron Fist pulls no punches in castigating George Brandis. Oh the irony. The left likes to say that nobody has the right to tell women what they can or cannot wear except apparently the left has the right to tell Pauline Hanson what not to wear. And on the right side of politics, George Brandis has previously championed free speech and the ability of people to say things that other people might find offensive or insulting but apparently that right is not available to Pauline Hanson in relation to Islam.

There is nothing wrong with mocking any religion and the book of Mormon is currently playing in Melbourne yet we do not hear any protest from George Brandis about that. Pauline Hanson went further than mocking and she is entitled to do so.

42:56 Various religious leaders have called for protection of religious freedom so that people may discriminate against gay couples and The Fist applies the theory discussed in the first 10 minutes to rebuke such arguments.

From episode 103

05:25 We discuss why we cannot discuss Cardinal Pell because of the sub judice rules.

From episode 101

25:23 The Fist argues why we should allow terrorist groups like Hezbollah to fly their flag and March in our cities.

From episode 99

21:46 Lauren Rosewarne in an article in The Conversation criticises a fellow academic who had the temerity to call for the end of Islam and suggested that the university that employs him should consider whether that is still a good idea. She demonstrates that the left is not nearly as tolerant as it likes to think that it is and diversity is fine so long as that is not diversity of opinion.

From episode 95

27:14 More irony in Victoria as Liberty Victoria hands out the Voltaire award to a most undeserving winner.

From episode 93

6:02 The interplay of S.18C and S.18D. Yassmin’s comments on Anzac Day may have breached 18C and arguably failed to met the elements of S.18D

From episode 90

35:01 Criticism of identity is the new blasphemy.

38:09 Anne Aly and 18C and including religion.

41:31 Gillian Triggs “sadly you can say what you like around the kitchen table at home”

From episode 88

0:52 There is renewed discussion over S.18c. A plan to replace “insult, offend or humiliate” with “harass”.

10:11 Pakistan is not happy with the amount of blasphemy on Facebook and have asked Facebook for names and details of blaspheming Pakistanis.

11:43 The BBC asked what is the right punishment for blasphemy.

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