Foreign Affairs

From episode 109

1:15:05 Malcolm Turnbull claims that we are joined at the hip with the United States of America which seems to be a dangerous exaggeration of our relationship so we look at the ANZUS treaty and compare it to the NATO treaty.

From episode 102

59:57 The problems in the Philippines have been going on for 400 years and we should stay out of them.

From episode 97

29:39  What will happen in Indonesia if the military splits over religious lines?

From episode 95

22:10 We briefly turn to North Korea and can’t blame them for having nuclear weapons. It seems to be the only tactic that will prevent the USA from engaging in regime change.

From episode 93

36:40  Is anyone else worried about Indonesia?

42:03  Philippines troops kill militant leader

From episode 92

1:23 Partisan bias and public opinion on Trump’s Syria strike

8:50 A Washington Post poll reveals Republicans disapproved of bombing when Obama was considering it but approved when Trump did it.

16:45  Trump can remember dessert but not the name of the country he bombed

Attacking North Korea: surely Donald Trump couldn’t be that foolish

21:37  JFK and the military

From episode 91

1:05 Our review of the conflict in Syria. RWT on The “Muddle” East. The various groups seem to line up according to their interest in two competing gas pipelines. RWT argues the conflicts would occur even without a pipeline and we should stay out of it. It’s like being asked to pick your favourite bikie gang. The discussion moves on to North Korea and the United Nations and the role of the USA as the World’s policeman.

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