Ethics and Morality

From episode 128

47:04 Pirate society and chicken breeding and the evolution of humans.

From episode 125

10:18 The Fist argues that a chicken breeding exercise provides a useful analogy to American society.

From episode 124

1:01:55 Should Sleeping Beauty be taken off the curriculum as it possibly legitimises the practice of strange men kissing women when they are asleep?

From episode 123

45:18 Should rich people pay bigger fines?

From episode 121

21:48 A society which operates as a meritocracy is perhaps just as unfair as an aristocracy. We explain why.

From episode 120

1:17:00 Christians think they are more moral but studies show that they are not. Interestingly they watch less porn on Sundays but make up for that on other days.

From episode 119

23:31 A growing share of Americans says it is not necessary to believe in god to be moral. All religious segments are moving in the correct direction on this matter but the group which is trailing behind our black Protestants.

26:31 Meanwhile in Australia according to a recent Ipsos Global Poll, 2 in 3 Australians think religion does more harm than good in the world. At the same time, we are comfortable being around people with different religious beliefs to our own. Therefore, call us suspicious and call us tolerant.

From episode 94

10:38 A discussion on the role and importance of Christianity and Judeo-Christian ethics in our Australian culture including references to  Kevin Donnelly’s article on celebrating Christianity’s role in our society and Hugh’s response and another Kevin Donnelly article claiming Barnaby Joyce is right about Judeo-Christian principles. Hugh argues Judeo-Christian values are a myth contrived by the USA moral majority.

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