From episode 119

1:07:04 Alex Deakin is a lecturer in law at QUT and has proposed a compromise in relation to the seal of the confession and child abuse allegations however his solution is useless as paedophiles could potentially carry on there despicable acts and priests who hear an aborted confession would still consider themselves unable to act as a witness in a criminal trial.

From episode 111

59:30 Greg Craven is a well respected lawyer but favours the seal of the confessional.

1:09:53 Privilege as regards priests, journalists and lawyers. The Fist explains the difference.

From episode 109

19:37 The Child Abuse Royal Commission has recommended that Catholic priests must disclose to the authorities information received about child abuse even if that information is provided during the sacrament of confession. Incredibly, the Archbishop of Melbourne, Dennis Hart and Father Frank Brennan have both publicly stated that they would rather go to jail then disclose evidence of child abuse. At least Francis Sullivan from the Truth Justice and Healing Council has said that priests should follow the law of the land however Mark Coleridge, the Archbishop of Brisbane was vague in his statement.


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