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Episode 67 – 19 October 2016

1:39 Hillsong review

12:29 Deep throat update

13:54 Apple, photo scandal, Samsung fire and tax. We need a bond.

16:20 Parks and Wildlife needs a Chaplain click here

21:14 Religious exemptions and the 12th Man

29:09 Sounds like FIFO click here

33:53 The Royal Commission and religious liberty click here

43:33 The hijab and sexual harassment in Iran click here

47:15 Even ISIS has banned the Burqa click here

49:17 Natural Gas and Syria click here

56:20 Post modernism and multiculturalism click here

1:06:02 More on culture wars click here and Gad Saad click here

1:12:01 Healing from toxic whiteness click here

1:12:50 The social construction of sport landscapes shapes gendered power relations click here

1:16:25 ‘Tsunami’

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Episode 63 – 20 September 2016

George Christensen on anal sex click here

Mosque open day with free sausage sizzle

UK government treats religion as imaginary friends click here

Black Americans are appropriating African culture click here

More on cultural appropriation in the UK click here

Atheists no longer the most unpopular in the USA click here

Key facts on refugees click here

The Pope defames Satan click here

Death of an exorcist click here

Liberalism’s great challenge click here

Canada has approved prescription heroin click here

Lionel Shriver responds click here

French Muslims click here

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