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The SSM debate flushed out his desire for religious privileges


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17 December 2018

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29 November 2017

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6 May 2017

Mr Broad considered going into youth work when he finished year 12 and is still a strong Christian.

But he’s keen to point out he’s “not Fred Nile” and doesn’t want to be put in the “Christian politician” column.

“I’m a member of Parliament who’s got a belief and that belief does stem from the basic principles that the human race has fallen, that we can be redeemed,” he says.

We initially listed him as a 5 but the same-sex marriage debate saw him flushed out as a conservative who demands special religious privileges.

Mr Broad said other conservative Coalition members want parents to be able to remove children from classes that teach kids about same-sex relationships.

They also want religious institutions to be able to refuse to hire out church halls for same-sex weddings.

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