About Trevor Bell

Trevor is a podcaster, blogger and social commentator who is worried about the direction of Australian society and has a special interest in challenging divisive influences such as religion and identity politics.

Trevor practiced as a lawyer in his own firm until a diagnosis of Crohn’s disease prompted an early mid-life crisis and a change of career. Now that his children have grown up and left the nest he has found time to explore his interest in religions, politics and the transformations taking place in our society.

In July 2015 he started a podcast with Scott Clarke called “The Iron Fist and The Velvet Glove”. At the time, both Trevor and Scott were members of The Secular Party of Australia. Trevor later became the official Spokesperson for the Party and Scott became the Treasurer. Trevor resigned from The Secular Party on the 20th of February 2017.

The podcast initially focussed on secularism and anti-theism but over time the podcast has evolved to take a broader look at Australian society and world events. Wherever possible, Trevor tries to look beyond the mere facts of an event and explores the bigger picture. There is often a background story as to why things happen and Trevor likes to find that story and explain it to his listeners.

Stories about religion are still a big part of the podcast. Trevor considers religions to be harmful to our society and he will criticise them at every opportunity. Trevor does not have any formal qualification in theology but a Catholic upbringing, an obsession to self-educate, a Law degree and six years of podcasting mean that he is now well prepared to discuss the role of religions in our society and importantly, to provide an alternative to the rosy viewpoint often portrayed by the clergy.

So, if you are a media outlet and in response to the topic of the day you need someone to put forward an alternative to a pro-religious viewpoint then Trevor is ready, willing and able to provide a logical, coherent, honest and potentially humorous statement that your audience will appreciate.

You can contact Trevor on Ph 0413 628 747 or via this “contact us” link.

High-resolution images of Trevor can be downloaded at this page.

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