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Episode 350 – Religious Footballers – More conundrums than the Trolley Problem

Yes … 350 episodes. That’s a lot!

In this episode, we discussed a few things, namely:

  • Do Australians pay too much income tax?
  • Wages back to 2008?
  • Land Banking
  • Designed Obsolescence
  • Foreign Affairs ep 350
  • Douglas MacGregor
  • Old Joke
  • Pelosi
  • Ground News
  • Lydia Thorpe
  • Religion ep 350
  • Footballers are at the centre of religious Freedom Debates
  • Bishop Robbed at Gunpoint During Sermon
  • John Barilaro
  • Can it get any worse for the Victorian Liberals?

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Episode 349 – Rules Based Order

The West wants to maintain the “Rules Based Order’ because “International Law” can sometimes be inconvenient.

Plus Douglas Murray defends Western Civilisation and Trevor argues Murray’s sweet accent distracts from what is mostly straw-manning of the Left.

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Episode 348 – Inflation – Don’t blame wages

In this episode, we discuss the real causes of inflation and why Australia must decouple from America.

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Episode 347 – Karl Fitzgerald

In this episode, Karl Fitzgerald discusses how we should view and tax windfall profits from land banking.

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Episode 346 – The second part of episode 345

The discussion continues … and finishes … finally.

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Episode 345 – The Uluru Statement and other Arguments

Paul Wayper joins Trevor and Joe to push back on our doubts about the Uluru Statement.

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Episode 344 – Census 2021, Roe V Wade and the RBA

In this episode we discuss:

The 2021 Census
Data use considerations
Data is used for funding?
Tom Cruise and Top Gun
Roe v Wade
The decision.
At least we know their religious belief
Abortion access around the world
From Crikey
They won’t pause now
Hedges – fascists in our midst
Inflation and Wages and Profits
Café Owners and the RBA
More on the RBA
My New Hero – Mick Lynch
Expect Australian Industrial Unrest
Trans Athletes

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Episode 343 – Ciaron O’Reilly on Life, Prisons, Religion and Julian Assange

In this episode, I speak with Ciaron O’Reilly.

Ciaron has had a unique life as an anti-war protester and social justice campaigner. His philosophy involves a unique blend of Catholic faith and social justice activism.

He has broken into US and British defence facilities and disabled military aircraft and facilities.

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Episode 342 – Farewell Shae

Shae has decided to leave but is welcome to come back anytime.

The news feed on the website takes articles from:

Top Stories – Google News
YouTube subscriptions
News – The Chaser
The Shovel
The Betoota Advocate
Cameron Reilly
New Politics
Yanis Varoufakis
Caitlin Johnstone
Chris Hedges –
Michael West
John Menadue – Pearls and Irritations
Kenan Malik – Pandaemonium
Michael Hudson
Matt Taibbi – Rolling Stone
MintPress News
Eudaimonia and Co –

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Episode 341 – Interest Rates Hike

In this episode we discuss:

  • RBA Cash rate
  • Should APRA have eased lending rules pre-pandemic?
  • New Cars
  • Gas
  • Qld Police Union
  • Downer
  • Hospitality union challenges penalty rates ‘opt out’ agreement
  • Resource Companies
  • Qantas
  • Visit your local member
  • Booth Results
  • Indigenous Voice
  • Peter Dutton
  • The Real Dutton
  • Dutton want a USA culture war
  • Johnny Depp and Amber Heard
  • Bush slips up or does he
  • Are You OK Room?

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Episode 340 – Your Favourite Satanist Needs Help

Find out why.

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Episode 339 – Post Election Thoughts

Well, that was a good result. Let’s talk about it.

The topics we covered included:

  • Election Result 2022
  • Laura Tingle
  • 2019 Was a Great Election to Lose
  • Totals
  • But Qld
  • Libs are nearly a junior partner
  • Patchy but effective swings
  • Liberals reduced to fringe outer suburbs with no hope of regaining traditional voter base
  • Morrison was not an aberration,

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Episode 338 – The Socialist Equality Party

In this episode, Trevor will interview Max Boddy and Oscar Grenfell from the Socialist Equality Party.

The Socialist Equality Party is standing Senate candidates in NSW, Victoria and Queensland in the 2022 election to advance a socialist program of action for workers to fight for their class interests against the relentless assault on their basic social and democratic rights.

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Episode 337 – Satanic RI Decision

What happened?

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Episode 336 – When a Satanist Booked a Prayer Room

Find out what happened when the Satanists attempted to book the prayer room and learn whether the reverse exorcism was successful.

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Episode 335 – The Mythicism Debate

Cameron Reilly and Hugh Harris debate whether Jesus existed as a historical figure.

Below is a link to Hugh’s article in the Rationale.

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Episode 334 – Google it, mate!

Join us as we review the election campaign and the performance of the mainstream media.

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Episode 333 – A Firehose of BS

Enough! We need an election to lance this boil of a government.

The topics include:

An article by Alison Courtice
David Garland
CPE qualifications
The Australian way of life is collectivist. Lachlan’s ‘freedom’ cry is a US import
That Slap
Joe’s Topics
Vaccine consent case for parents
VAD doctor describes what it’s like to administer
Gonski was a while back,

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Episode 332 – Kitching – A case study of a failed MSM

Sorry Dear Listener but this episode turns into a catalogue of shitty decisions and shitty statements by shitty leaders. We deserve better … or do we?

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Episode 331 – A debate with Hugh Harris on Hitchens and Ukraine

Trevor and Hugh discuss this quote by Christopher Hitchens.

The Russians are going to be expansionist whether we provoke them to it or not. For example, the Russians keep saying that we’re trying to encircle them. In what sense does the independence of Kosovo, a land-locked province,

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Episode 330 – International Women’s Day and Ukraine Bonus


The topics include:

  • International Women’s Day
  • History
  • Is It Still Relevant?
  • Shae Volunteers
  • Essential Poll
  • Yikes
  • Dutton and Friendly Jordies
  • Clive Palmer
  • Scott Morrison
  • Robert Reich: Only the right has become more extreme over the last 50 years
  • Twitter feedback
  • My response
  • Gillard
  • Chinese Influence in Australian Politics
  • Chinese Influence in Australian Universities
  • Re Huawei
  • Email Feedback from Paul
  • Ukraine ep 330
  • What is Russia Demanding?

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Episode 329 – Ukraine Explained … Again

In this episode, we are joined by Ed who was born in Russia and spent a lot of time in Ukraine.

I referred to the following article:

Hedges: Chronicle of a War Foretold

Chris Hedges

After the fall of the Soviet Union,

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Episode 328 – Don’t Allow Your Consent to be Manufactured

There is a lot of propaganda out there. We need to read widely.

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Episode 327 – Forgotten Atheist

In this episode we discuss:

  • Religious Discrimination Bill
  • Phew … that was close
  • Citipointe
  • Thank God for Citipointe Christian College and who are they?
  • The Citipointe Contract
  • Landon Hardbottom
  • Citipointe Year 9 Curriculum
  • Noosa Connection
  • History of the Bill
  • We don’t need any Religious Discrimination Bill
  • Trans not Atheists
  • A Quick Refresher on Hierarchy of Rights and Discrimination
  • The Ideological Argument … again … to put it another way
  • Countering the Religious Ethos argument
  • Power Doesn’t Care about good arguments
  • Fear of a wedge issue
  • The Bill
  • Principles can be horse-traded
  • The Labor Plan by Paul Karp in The Guardian
  • Which Labor Members stood up?

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Episode 326 – Super Imperialism

My summary of the ideas in Michaels Hudson’s book “Super Imperialism”

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Episode 325 – Minor Distractions and Major Ideas

Topics include:

  • Language warning
  • Distractions
  • The Grace Tame Saga
  • Citipointe Christian College
  • The new “Warringah rules”
  • Essential Report
  • Polls
  • Forklifts and Caleb Bond
  • Ron Williams
  • Clive Palmer running for the Senate in Qld
  • From Paul
  • Aboriginal Flag
  • Private School Cricketers
  • Private School Naplan Results
  • The UK and Australia have the same leadership problems
  • Flight Attendants
  • Property Prices
  • Venezuela
  • People Aren’t Dying
  • No Jab – No Heart Transplant
  • No Jab – No Surfing
  • Ukraine
  • Common Ground
  • Cavan Hogue in the John Menadue Blog on Ukraine
  • Cameron Leckie in JM Blog on Ukraine
  • Caitlin Johnstone
  • Gregory Clark in the John Menadue Blog on Ukraine
  • Bryce Green in on Ukraine
  • Dee Knight in Covert Action Magazine –

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Episode 324 – The Morrison Government is a satirical performance. Brilliant, Bravo.

Topics include:

  • Democracy
  • Follow up on Injection placement
  • Springtime for Hitler
  • School Year Backflip
  • Djokovic
  • A grim grand slam calendar
  • It’s not just tennis, even the NRL
  • An Australian Republic
  • Covid
  • Poor Government – Blame neo-liberalism and Religion
  • How Does Morrison Win from here?

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Episode 323 – The situation is hopeless, we must take the next step

In this episode we discuss:

No Vax Jock Evicted
Deep Throat on where to inject
When a jab is not a jab
Tanks! Fucking Tanks!
More from Dutton
An election year
The Saturday Paper Editorial
Bettoota, The Chaser and The Shovel
Rat Shortage
No Free Rats
Joe has been battling “free thinkers”
Spending has crashed
Media Bias
Tony Blair was knighted.

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Episode 322 – Just 35 topics


The 35 topics we discuss are:

  1. Court Case
  2. Nativity Scenes
  3. On Democracy
  4. John Mearsheimer
  5. Neo-Liberalism
  6. Barnaby and Julian
  7. Julian Assange
  8. Morrison and ICAC
  9. Pork Barrelling
  10. Dickson has a very good member
  11. A broken system
  12. Morrison advocating for religious candidates
  13. Bercow on Johnson or Morrison?

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Episode 321 – Democracy

My thoughts on democracy.

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Episode 320 – Anyone who isn’t fundamentally disturbed by what is taking place doesn’t understand it

In this episode we discuss:

  • Satanic Drinks
  • The World Today
  • Kakistocracy
  • Morrison says NSW ICAC is a Kangaroo Court
  • Gladys and ICAC
  • There is still sympathy for Berejiklian
  • Horse Race Journalism
  • Social Media Trolling
  • Such Fucking Hypocrites
  • Peter Dutton
  • Pig Iron Dutton
  • Remember the Extradition treaty?

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Episode 319 – Individual Freedom Vs The Common Good

This weeks topics were:

Satanic Stamps
Religious Discrimination Bill
Victoria is tackling Religious Privilege
The Protests – What is really going on?
Lionel Shriver on Vaccines
Governments essentially have four choices
Morrison’s on petrol and interest rates
Morrison on can Do capitalism
Is the bubble about to burst?

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Episode 318 – Liars, damned liars and … Scott Morrison.

The topics are:

Morrison and Lies
Morrison and Diplomacy
Misleading the French
China err I mean Climate
Morrison – Crikey has made up a dossier of lies
Sammy J Nails Morrison
Qld – Progressive when it comes to women in power?

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Episode 317 – A conga line of awful politicians

In this episode we discuss:

Noosa Temple Protest march
Morrison has a plan
Why you shouldn’t underestimate the underclass
The Fed libs are in the grip of Pentecostals and NSW is in the grip of Catholics
Bruce Baird and The Family — the PM’s Christian scaffolding
Kristina Keneally: ‘no one is seriously trying to turn Australia into a theocracy’

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Episode 316 – NSW + 1 hour but – 40 years


Full show notes are available to patrons.

Topics include:

NSW Leadership Thoughts
Gladys Excused and ICAC Vilified
Federal ICAC
New leader Dominic Perrottet
From Crikey
From The Spectator
Is Religious Belief Relevant?
The Perfect Example- Perrottet and Cemeteries
Perrotte’s Neo-Liberalism is the biggest worry
NSW VAD Update
Dan Andrews is The Man
Banknote artwork
Goodbye Facebook

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Episode 315 – The Return of The Velvet Glove

The Velvet Glove returns to discuss submarines and other issues.


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Episode 314 – How Dying With Dignity Successfully Lobbied for VAD Laws

In this episode, we hear from Dr. Craig Glasby about how “Dying With Dignity” successfully lobbied to get VAD laws passed in Queensland.


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Episode 313 – Submarines – 6 Years of Commentary

Over the last 6 years, we have had a lot to say about submarines.

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Episode 312 – Facebook Comments and Defamation

In this episode, we talk about the recent decision by the High Court of Australia that ruled that the owners of Facebook pages are potentially liable for defamatory comments made by commentators in a post. We then explored briefly what is defamatory and the potential defences. We also looked at whether members of the public who are owners or administrators of Facebook pages for community groups should think about their liability and consider resigning or consider changing the legal ownership of the Facebook pages.

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Episode 311- Climate Change in a nutshell

Climate Change in a nutshell.

Show notes

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Episode 310 – Christians, Covid and Afghanistan

In this episode we discuss:

  • The NTOS went Viral
  • Crofton Street Gospel Hall
  • VAD committee report is out
  • Catholic Hospitals
  • ACL is pro life but pro freedom to die to shop
  • ACL Full Page Ad
  • Brian Houston – Concealment
  • Covid and Essential Report
  • Covid Stuff Ep 310 – Models Schmodels
  • A pandemic of the unvaccinated
  • Phasers on Stun
  • The Doherty Report
  • Grattan Institute Modelling
  • ANU-led modelling
  • Patrons
  • Afghanistan
  • Afghanistan
  • The West Doesn’t get it
  • More From Caitlin Johnstone
  • Essential Report on Afghanistan
  • Women in Afghanistan

Show notes

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Episode 309 – Innocent civilians trapped in Afghanistan and NSW

Events of the last 14 days.


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Episode 308 – Satanic Court Case Review

Trevor discusses today’s hearing.

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Episode 307 – Sportswear, Lockdowns and Vaccines

In this episode we discuss:

  • Olympics
  • Moreton College Formal
  • Freedom and Lockdowns
  • NSW BS on Lockdowns
  • Lockdown Protests
  • Flight Attendant
  • King’s School
  • Lockdown Skeptics Bemoan “Fear”
  • I’m a Parkland Shooting Survivor.

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Episode 306 – Cameron Reilly – The Psychopath Epidemic

In this episode, I speak with Cam Reilly about psychopaths.

Find out more about Cam at

Listen to his podcasts at


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Episode 305 – Vale Peter Toy

In this episode we discuss:

Vale Peter Toy
Hosting A Black Mass is against Workplace Health and Safety rules
Robin’s Petition re Prayers
Billionaires in a Space race
VAD Hearing in Qld
Lockdowns this week
Opposite day
Queensland electrician admits removing genitals of two men at their request
The Drum has a right wing bias
Sexual Harassment training
Remember – “It is existing law”?

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Episode 304 – Rachel on Astrazeneca and Paul on Dark Emu

In this episode, Rachel describes her decision as a young person in Sydney to get the Astrazeneca vaccine and Paul Wayper discusses the merits of Dark Emu and we get into the weeds with the Uluru Statement and Critical Race Theory.

Trevor’s travel blog

Rachel’s blog


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Episode 303 – Forgiveness and Dark Emu

In this episode we discuss:

  • The latest Polls
  • The latest Lockdowns
  • Hardbottom has a message
  • Car Parks
  • Accountability
  • 80% Of Liberal Voters To Receive First Car Park By December
  • Follow up Homework
  • Dark Emu,

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Episode 302 – Ask me anything

With Brisbane in lockdown, Trevor and Joe covered some Covid topics and then teleconferenced with James and Tom to lament about the state of democracy.

The Show Notes cover much more than what was discussed on the podcast.

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Episode 301 – Dog Fight Arenas or Public Libraries

This episode is a book review of “Justice” by Michael Sandel.

Three Different Approaches

  1. The Greatest Happiness Principle (Utilitarianism)
  2. Respecting Individual Freedom (Libertarianism and Egalitarianism)
  3. What do People Morally Deserve and Why? which involves Identifying the Purpose of a practice and Promoting Good Virtues (Aristotle)

Case Studies
Price gouging after disasters

He gives –

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Episode 300 – The Biloela Family, Israel and Dark Emu

In this episode we discuss:

  • A Family from Biloela
  • Ministerial Discretion
  • Who is Alex Hawke?
  • Israel and Palestine
  • What has the US done that China hasn’t?
  • Government has duty to protect young people from climate crisis
  • Sharma by her litigation representative Sister Marie Brigid Arthur v Minister for the Environment
  • Dark Emu

Show Notes

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Episode 299 – Voluntary Assisted Dying in Qld

VAD Law in QLD

  • The Process
  • The LNP gets a conscience vote
  • Institutional Conscience?
  • A quick recap
  • Reflecting on Victoria’s experience
  • How is Queensland’s proposed law different?
  • Will the Queensland bill become law?

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Episode 298 – The IFVG crew are making news

In this episode we discuss:

Shae and the Labor Party Preselection Vetting Process
Costs Update
NSL Donations
Anzac Day
VAD in Qld
The Budget
Labor Could not have got away with it
Just remember
Comedians Nail it … again
Direct investment vs trickle-down approach
What Labor Said
What Albanese Should Have Said
Spending on eating out
Public Opinion on Closing the borders
UK Politics
Stand up and be ashamed
Jarryd Hayne
Unit Citation
Pig Iron Scomo

Show notes in pdf

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Episode 297 – The Tyranny of Merit

In this episode we discuss

Scott Morrison – Overtly Religious?
From Watley
The Shovel found Bible References
Catholic Church Vs WA
John Howard calls for religious schools to have anti-discrimination exemption
New patrons
China – Ep 297
Prince Philip
The Chaser’s war on News Corp has cost the media giant hundreds of thousands of dollars
The Tyranny of Merit
Do people in Britain resent the rich?

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Episode 296 – Anzac Day 2021

In this episode, I repeat episode 250 from 2020 and present to you a secular Anzac Day ceremony for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own driveway.

The image you may see with this post is of my father Robert Bell QX 16402

The fall of Singapore,

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Episode 295 – From Juxtaposition to Gilead Down Under

In this episode we discuss:

  • Noosa Temple of Satan Update
  • Dance troupe 101 Doll Squadron defends performance at HMAS Supply launch in Sydney
  • I See The Handmaids Tale Everywhere
  • At least WA libs reached gender equality
  • Some See Racism Everywhere
  • I See Christians Everywhere
  • Morrison’s University Thesis
  • Britons saw Prince Philip everywhere on BBC
  • New patrons
  • Christine Holgate
  • Fairy Bread
  • Meritorious Unit Citations
  • Good riddance to a bad war: Afghanistan
  • The race to the bottom on cutting company tax rates has failed
  • New Study Suggests Education Is Key to COVID-19 Mortality
  • Clot Morrison –

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Episode 294 – Looking beyond race

In this episode we discuss:

  • Essential Poll – Men Haven’t Changed Their Opinions
  • Newspoll
  • Gender Quotas
  • Football Dickheads and Gender Equality
  • NRL ‘stand down’ policy
  • Republic
  • Patriarchy or Right-Wing Problem
  • Bridget McKenzie
  • A new patron
  • Andrew Laming and Chaplaincy
  • Scientology shifts millions to Australia
  • Scientology is shrinking fast
  • Amanda Stoker- A Reluctant Champion of Satanic Shoes
  • Labor will agree with Stoker
  • Stoker appears to have changed
  • American “woke” culture in French life.

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Episode 293 – Wankers, Accountability and Consent

In this episode we discuss:

There is a Wanker in the House
Sam Dastyari told Morrison in Jan 2019
The Chaser Nails it
The AFP Commissioner Backflipped
Leigh Sales
Amanda Stoker is in charge!
Council Prayers are Illegal
How about that Rain?

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Episode 292 – Christian Porter, Gender and Feminism

Christian Porter has cleverly sidestepped a well-resourced independent inquiry to take on the ABC in a defamation action where the onus is not on him. An inquiry was likely to be inconclusive whereas a defamation action will possibly find in his favour.

  • Christian Porter Sues the ABC for Defamation
  • Essential Poll on Sexual Assault
  • WA Election
  • Big wins based on Covid response
  • Essential Poll
  • Gender Votes
  • Gender in Politics
  • NTOS Update
  • Landon Hardbottom
  • Is it racist to ponder what the skin colour of a new baby will be?

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Episode 291 – Private School Rapists and Dr Seuss

In this episode we discuss:

  • Private School Rapists
  • Meanwhile in India
  • Lying Cow
  • The Church and State Conference
  • NTOS in Vic Parliament
  • Dr Seuss books are being ‘recalled’ not cancelled
  • And to Think That I Saw It on Mulberry Street
  • If I Ran the Zoo
  • Gender and language
  • Harry and Meghan

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Episode 290 – Christian Porter – We will never know

Shae joins the team to discuss:

Christian Porter
Brittany Higgins
Historical Rape Allegations on an un-named Cabinet Minister
What do we know?
Case Closed
From her lawyer
It’s Tricky
Essential Poll
Luckily Murdoch editors don’t do much influencing
Why Facebook defied the government’s wishes while Google buckled
Those Crazy Texans
Peta Credlin forced to apologise to Kevin Rudd over false data harvesting claims
Alcohol Regulation
Victorian Emergency Powers
Clive Palmer v Western Australia: border ban justified by risks of Covid-19,

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Episode 289 – Facebook refused an extortion demand

In this episode we discuss:

We’ve Been Zucked
Brittany Higgins
Who is Celia Hammond?
Morrisons reliance on Jen
Tennis Boos
Gough Whitlam
Public Opinion
Thousands of anti-vaxxers hit Brisbane streets to protest jab
Exponential Growth
Australian businesses can require customers to prove they’ve had Covid jab,

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Episode 288 – We’ve been Zucked

Facebook has deemed us to be an Australian News page and has restricted our Facebook page. Basically, the page is still there but old posts are deleted and we can’t create new posts.

If you want to watch and comment on the Livestream please try YouTube at

Or try Twitch at



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Episode 287 – Polls, Plibersek and Hillsong Plumbing Advice

In this episode we discuss:

  • Feedback
  • Homework
  • Opinion Polls
  • Pork Barrelling
  • Norms can’t be relied on
  • Apple
  • China
  • Craig Kelly and Tanya Plibersek
  • Submarine Catholics
  • No wonder Hillsong is popular – and I thought it was the music
  • Alan Jones forced to correct attack on Daniel Andrews that ‘misrepresented’

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Episode 286 – Taiwan, Magna Carta and Limits on Freedom

In this episode, we give an update on Satanic religious instruction in Qld State Schools and then discuss Taiwan, the scrapping of the fairness doctrine, the Magna Carta, and the role of the harm principle in limiting free speech.

NTOS Update

Now 4 schools and 1 in NSW

I’ve renewed my practising certificate

Complaint lodged with HRC re Grace Grace

French report finds no campus free speech crisis,

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Episode 285 – Australia Day Divides Australia … again

It sounds very woke to say it but it is true. Most countries celebrate the removal of colonialists rather than their arrival.

Noosa Temple Update
Australia Day … again
Australia Day debate is exhausting and data tells us it could last another generation
The Debate
Welcome to Country – Indigenous fight
Australia Day Awards
Cam Reilly Facebook Problems
Quarantine for Tennis Players
Big Tech Vs Newspapers
Sky News is a Socal Media play
Pete Evans
The Spectator has found God

We’re podcasting on Australia Day

Because we are old white men with nothing better to do.

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Episode 284 – The Capitol Coup and the Myth of Free Speech

In this episode we discuss:

Trump and the Insurrection
The long list of Republicans who voted to reject election results
Free Speech
My interview on SBS
Sam Harris
The Great Reset
National Anthem
Contraception: the way you take the pill has more to do with the pope than your health
A Kids TV show featuring a giant penis

Trump and the Insurrection

Don’t feel sorry for America.

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Episode 283 – Old Arguments Rehashed and Opening Arguments on Renewables

We kick off with an unplanned return to lockdowns and after a number of minor topics we segue to China and renewables.

  • Lockdowns etc
  • Prayers in Parliament
  • Another School
  • Labor is pandering to Christians
  • Facebook banned Cam Reilly
  • New Patrons
  • Afghanistan Veteran Suicides
  • Christchurch Massacre
  • Should straight ever play gay?

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Episode 282 – Morrison is a bull in our China Shop

Australia needs a sophisticated, nuanced and savvy Prime Minister to lead us through a complicated but not impossible relationship with China. Instead, we stupidly elected a numbskull from Cronulla who is completely out of his depth and is being cheered on by anti-China hawks in his party and the Murdoch press.

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Episode 281 – Legal Cannabis and Keto Diets

In this episode,  we speak to Des Harp from My Life My Health about legal cannabis, keto diets, and his robotic dispensing machine.

You can contact Des via his website


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Episode 280 – Agrivoltaics and Misinformation on Masks

In this episode, we discuss the latest satanic stamp discrimination case, agrivoltaics, Labor bowing to religious interests, a misleading Spectator article on masks, Sweden, Pete Evans, and listener John zooms in to discuss the job seeker and job keeper programs.

No Stamps For Satanists

In a seemingly clear-cut case of discrimination,

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Episode 279 – Satanic Stamps and other Hypocrisies

In this episode we discuss Australia Post rejecting Satanic postage stamps, State Premier approval ratings, Maori Tattoos, Labor and Coal, a woke Chief Scientist, USA employment, property developer donation laws and Australia’s relationship with China.

Noosa Temple of Satan


Grace Grace

Religious Instruction

BCC prayers

State Premiers Approval Ratings

From Essential Poll

Maori Tattoos

From BBC

Maori face tattoo: It is OK for a white woman to have one?

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Episode 278 – Porter’s Hypocrisy and Aussie Trumpsters

In this episode, we discuss Christian Porter’s alleged adultery, the fallout of the US election, Islam in Europe and a Covid-19 vaccine.

Christian Porter

Do we care?

It must be tough for extortionists.

In the days of celebrity porn, is there a security risk?

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Episode 277 – Election Results in Qld and the USA

In this episode, we discuss the Qld and USA elections and a bunch of other topics.

Queensland Election
Confession from a Liberal Voter

Hi Trevor,

This is how I felt after voting.  I’ve used the 12th Man in this as my confidant because I usually feel my views most closely align with his.

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Episode 276 – 2 hours of News, Politics, Sex and Religion

In this episode:

Dan Andrews – Will he survive?

Australia Post Watches

Noosa Temple of Satan Update

David van Gend

Good News – van Gend missed out

New Zealand Election

Fake News and the Trump Legacy

2020 US election: Donald Trump’s done a phenomenal job,

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Episode 275 – Satanic Teachers and Legal Cannabis

In this episode, we speak to Brother Samael Demo-Gorgon about his proposal to teach satanism in schools and we also speak with Frank about his proposal to legalise cannabis.

Then we delve into voluntary assisted dying laws in Queensland and the conundrum of digital platforms using publisher-like powers to curate their content.

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Episode 274 – Gladys, Deb and Dan

Gladys was responsible for funding ICAC while her boyfriend was being investigated, Deb met with Qld developers and Dan needs to rethink his numbers and lift restrictions now.

State leaders in the news

Daniel, Gladys and Deb

Deb Frecklington

From the ABC

LNP Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington campaign in crisis after being referred by own party to election watchdog

From The Courier Mail

Election Corruption Alert.

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Episode 273 – Unfair tax cuts and a cowardly Labor opposition

Australians don’t want lower taxes for the wealthy but the Thatcher loving neo-liberal Josh Frydenberg insists and the cowardly Labor opposition refuses to fight.

The Budget

From Crikey

… Million, billion, trillion, gazillion! Do any of these figures have any meaning beyond their use for journalists as a heuristic of newsworthiness?

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Episode 272 – The Archibald and other criticisms

In this episode we discuss:

  • The merits of the 2021 Archibald Prize winner;
  • Restrictions on ABC bias;
  • How the right and left agree on China;
  • How McKinsey consultants recommend controlling Covid-19 as a first step to saving the economy;

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Episode 271 – Lockdown Polls, Less Educated Voters and Hidden Agendas

In this episode we discuss:

  • Why Trump will not replace RBG before the election;
  • What the polls say about Australians reaction to the lockdowns;
  • Why the Chief Health Officer is in charge;
  • How education levels affect voter intention;
  • The hidden agendas of lobby groups;

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Episode 270 – Sky News, Rowan Dean and Hydroxychloroquine

In this episode, we briefly discuss shutdowns before moving on to discuss media bias at Sky News and The Spectator and the difficulty of finding trustworthy news sources.

Guess what?  – lockdowns work

You can argue they are not worth the economic cost, you can argue they are not worth the lifestyle cost,

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Episode 269 – Handcuffs and Roadmaps

In this episode we discuss the woman handcuffed in her pyjamas, the Victorian roadmap, the trade off between health and the economy and the inability of modern Labor to defend superannuation.

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Episode 268 – A Black Mass in Noosa

In this episode, we speak to Robin Bristow about the reaction to his proposed Black mass in Noosa

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Episode 267 – Clive Palmer, QAnon and The Commons

In this episode we discuss Clive Palmer, QAnon and The Commons.

Clive Palmer and WA

What is going on?

From Crikey

Will WA’s extraordinary measures against Clive Palmer pay off?

Western Australia has used its legislative power to get itself out of a very bad bargain.

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Episode 266 – Book Club with Peter

Peter and Trevor discuss a range of fiction and non-fiction books that  IFVG listeners might want to read.


  1. Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury (1953)
  2. The Canon of Scripture by FF Bruce (1988)
  3. Meditations by Marcus Aurelius (160-180 CE)
  4. Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig (1974)
  5. Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte (1847)
  6. Far from the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy (1874)
  7. A Bright Shining Lie by Neil Sheehan (1989)
  8. The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck (1939)
  9. 1984 or Animal Farm by George Orwell (1945 &

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Episode 265 – Jim, Josh, Godfrey and Yanis

Who are Jim, Josh, Godfrey and Yanis and what did they do or say?

Presenter quits after BBC defends use of N-word in report

From The Guardian

BBC radio presenter has quit his job after the corporation defended its decision to broadcast the N-word in a television news broadcast.

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Episode 264 – Victorian Lockdown and Nursing Homes

We look at the Victorian lockdown and proposals for protecting the vulnerable in nursing homes.

If you are sick of Covid talk you can fast forward to the 38:44 mark.

Feedback from Episode 263

Waz annoyed and frustrated a few people.

From Craig

You did a valiant job on the Covid discussion in the last podcast in the face of the challenges of the Beer Sponsor and 12th Man.

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Episode 263 – Elimination or Suppression

In this episode, we discuss the pros and cons of an elimination strategy for Covid-19 in Australia, the usefulness of masks, the special treatment of Danii Minogue, the cancellation of Martina Navratilova and a protestor in New York who wants to refund the police.

It’s bad, but not so bad

From the Reserve bank

Statement May 2020

The Australian economy is expected to record a contraction in GDP of around 10 per cent over the first half of 2020;

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Episode 262 – Cancel Culture

In this episode, we discuss Kanye, Elon Musk, Hong Kong, The Himalayas and Hillsong before eventually getting around to cancel culture and JK Rowling.

Let’s start with a positive story

From ABC news

I was unsure what we nurses would experience at Melbourne’s public housing towers,

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Episode 261 – Victorian Shutdown and Branch Stacking


Back to square 1.

Soviet-style public housing.

What is it with hairdressers?

From The Conversation

States are shutting their borders to stop coronavirus. Is that actually allowed?

Movement of people and goods across state borders in Australia is guaranteed by the Constitution. 

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Episode 260 – 5 Years of Podcasting

Today we briefly celebrate 5 years of podcasting and then move on to discuss contemporary topics.

Who are we?

Paul, a bike riding music loving libertarian English Teacher, with a keen interest in Japan and China who is looking for love and as elder statesman of our group he represents the Baby Boomers.

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Episode 259 – The Jakarta Method

In this episode, Trevor does a solo review of a new book called The Jakarta Method by Vincent Bevins.


For 70 years we have been subjected to pro US propaganda. They won the war, they helped the countries they defeated, they defeated communism and they encouraged the world to pursue freedom and democracy.

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Episode 258 – Grassroots Censorship

In this episode, we discuss indigenous spokespersons, grassroots censorship and Scott Morrison’s latest cock-ups.

Feedback from Last Week

From Graeme (Who is a patron)

Disappointed that you indulged in a popular pastime of white fellas, of making sweeping generalisations about Australian Aboriginals without actually involving an Australian Aboriginal.

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Episode 257 – Black Lives Matter in Australia

In this episode, we look at indigenous incarceration in Australian and the recent protests.

Our Spiked Discussion

OK, Trevor was wrong to say Spiked is funded by the Koch brothers and should have said Spiked has received donations from the Koch brothers.

Prepare to be challenged

Dear Left leaning friends.

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Episode 256 – American Riots and Covid-19 Shutdowns


What’s Wrong with America by The Relatives live at The Bell House

George Floyd.

A summary

America is still lynching black men. Except now they use their knees and the people doing are police in broad daylight. Imagine what goes on behind closed doors.

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Episode 255 – China China China

Due to history and culture, the Chinese think differently to us. In this episode, we look at the background events and influences that have shaped the Chinese.

Why do a podcast on China?

From John Menadue blog

Recent articles in Pearls and Irritations,

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Episode 254 – Trade Sanctions and Forseeable Harm

This Morrison government knows nothing about business, diplomacy or democracy.

This is getting serious now

This hopeless Morrison government fucked up the Covid 19 economic rescue (money to companies without asking if they are in trouble, big money to job seeker which encouraged employers to sack employees and then big money to job keeper but too late (employees already sacked) and job keeper is paid in arrears so cashflow makes it unworkable),

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Episode 253 – Shaeleen interviews Trevor

In this episode, Shaeleen asks Trevor about his life, the podcast and the state of the world today.


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Episode 252 – Free Speech Limits, Murdoch Influence and China’s Democracy

In a series of debates Trevor tries unsuccessfully to convince Paul that free speech should be curtailed when it is dangerous, the ABC should not allow Murdoch journalists any more air time, Greg Sheridan is a fool, Murdoch journalists have to toe the party line or be sacked,

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Episode 251 – Both China and the USA threatened Australia


In the same week, we learned that China threatened us with economic sanctions for wanting a coronavirus inquiry and the USA threatened our alliance if we refused to sign the TPP.

Guess which threat got more publicity.

The Afghanistan War: Australia’s longest running deception

A well-researched article.

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Episode 250 – Anzac Day 2020

In this episode, I present a secular Anzac Day ceremony for you to enjoy in the comfort of your own driveway.

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Episode 249 – Freedom is just another word for – I need to eat

According to The Fist, many Americans are demanding the freedom to work because they are broke and they know that no-one is going to help them.

Why Does Trevor Bang on about America

Because it is more interesting. When an authoritarian regime like China fucks people it’s just plain obvious.

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Episode 248 – Does the Abrahamic God exist?

In this episode, Hugh Harris and Matthew Su debate the existence of the Abrahamic God.


After the podcast, Matthew kindly provided a transcript of his opening 10-minute address.

The ‘Cosmological Argument’- a non-technical presentation

Good evening!


I’d like to thank our host,

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Episode 247 – Secularism, Assisted Dying and China

Unfortunately, the audio quality of this episode is not up to our usual standard.

If you haven’t listened to us before, please check out the earlier episodes to get a feel for our normal standards.

In this episode, we speak to Peter Monk about secularism.

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Episode 246 – Dr Steven Hail explains currency and deficits

The Morrison government has announced a massive spending program and many Australians may be asking if we can afford it.

This podcast will answer that question.

We begin the podcast with an interview with Dr Steven Hail. Steven is a modern monetary theory (MMT) economist and in the interview we discuss:

  • Why the budget of our federal government (as an issuer of currency) should not be compared to a household or business budget.

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Episode 245 – COVID-19 revives the idea of the common good

Massive Changes in Society are coming because … we now know there is such a thing as society. The common good is important.

Left-wing socialist ideas are suddenly in vogue.

I previously said Australia won’t change till it feels some pain. Well, we will experience plenty of pain over the next 2 years.

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Episode 244 – Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In this episode, we touch elbows on COVID-19.

Facts from the ABC

Morrison  his poll numbers are up

Politicians love a disaster that they can’t be blamed for. Newspoll shows Morrison is up 3% and Albanese is down 3%. This after a disastrous sports rorts affair.

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Episode 243 – Frank Jordan

In this episode, we speak to Frank Jordan about his campaign to become the next Lord Mayor of Brisbane.

Frank Jordan

Candidate for Lord Mayor of Brisbane.

Coronavirus and the Economy

After the 2019 election, we did say that it might have been a good election to lose.

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Episode 242 – Bettina Arndt and other Milkshake Ducks

In this episode, we catch up on news and political events from the last few weeks.


It doesn’t look good.

From the Michael West blog.

Saudi Arabia stops Mecca pilgrimage, Japan shuts its schools, 80 per cent of Chinese exports are on lock down. 

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Episode 241- Corporate Power

In this episode, we discuss corporate power in Australia and debunk some myths about risk-taking and innovation in the private sector.

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Episode 240 – Noosa Satanist and Marketing the Messiah

In this episode, I speak to Robin about the Noosa Satanists and Cam about his new movie called Marketing The Messiah.

Here is the link where you can buy tickets to Cam’s film.


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Episode 239 – It’s the economy, stupid

The Left should promote progressive social policies but to win an election it must first convince voters that conservatives have ruined the economy.

PM’s Office says Auditor General is wrong

Wake up, Australia: the government is shattering the rule of law

From Crikey

Whether Morrison and his gang are aware of the damage they are doing is unclear,

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Episode 238 – The Origins of Our Morals

Where do our morals come from?

Some conservatives say we owe a lot to the Judeo-Christian tradition. They say that without it we would not enjoy our wonderful civilisation.

In this episode, the panel examines the origins and merits of our moral codes.

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Episode 237 – “We Were Here First” is not a great argument.

According to Proudhon, all property is either claimed or seized and the argument ” We were here first” is no better than “We are taking this off you”.

Australia Day

See episode 213 for a full discussion of our thoughts on indigenous matters.

If you support the idea of Invasion Day,

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Episode 236 – Bible Study for Atheists

In this episode, we discuss the Bible as a historical document.

Throughout the episode, Trevor refers to a book called Nailed by David Fitzgerald.

Compare Jesus Vs Julius Caesar

The first century is considered one of the best documented periods in ancient history. This raises 2 issues.

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Episode 235 – Return Bushfire Donations and introduce a Wealth Tax

The Bushfire relief donations by the super-wealthy are a cheap alternative to a wealth-tax.

Anti-Scomo rallies

Thousands came out to protest.

The Weekend Australian and The Sunday Mail had nothing while Saturday’s The Courier Mail had a small article tucked away near page 7.

Your uncle Tony has forgiven Scomo and is now pissed that you keep complaining.

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Episode 234 – Bush Fires and Media Bias


In this episode: Bushfires, Media bias, Scomo or Smoko, Fireworks displays, Barnaby Joyce, Media Bias, the NZ volcano and Palace-chook.

The theme of this episode and this podcast for 2020.

Be aware of hidden agendas. Question your sources of information. A lot of people and a lot of media don’t care about the truth.

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Episode 233 – Brexit, the EU and domestic nutters

This is the second half of our discussion with Mark. We discussed Brexit, the EU and some recent Australian political events.

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Episode 232 – From Russia With Love

Mark joins us in the studio. We start by bemoaning the latest draft of the Religious Discrimination Bill and then delve into all things Russian.

The Religious Discrimination Act – 2nd Draft

The new Bill makes it clear the religious organisations may “preference” staff who share their faith,

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Episode 231 – Media Bias and Ridiculing Religion

Thanks to media bias and other factors, politicians can now get away with murder. Plus we look at Australian attitudes towards ridiculing religion.

Angus Taylor

Mr Taylor insisted in Parliament that he relied on a document downloaded from the City of Sydney website when he claimed the council spent $15.9 million on travel for its councillors when the real costs were less than $6,000.

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Episode 230 – Old thoughts rehashed

I am in Sydney and have no time to record a fresh podcast so here are some highlights from 2017.

There will be no Livestream this week.


The Fist

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Episode 229 – Dark Emu and Labor Party Meetings


Does Dark Emu misrepresent early explorers and what is it like at local Labor Party branch meetings?

Today we will expand upon our Indigenous episode #213 from 30 July 2019 but before we do …

Qantas Hostie and Racism accuses a Qantas hostie of racism.

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Episode 228 – The Left has a Wokeness problem

The Right is painting the Left as a bunch of woke idiots.


Politicians love disasters. It should be easy brownie points. That’s why that get really pissed when someone tries to interrupt with questions about policy.

Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack on Monday said the Greens were “inner-city raving lunatics”

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Episode 227 – Don’t trust Scomo, 4 Corners or Pinker

Our Orwellian Prime Minister has accused protesters of being … Orwellian. And in other news, we look at hidden agendas and BS artists.

2:29 The Melbourne Cup

A surprising number of people bet regularly on horse races.

4:29 Mt Warning

Activists who’ve campaigned for years to end climbing at Mt Warning saying the recent closure of Uluru has given them the momentum they need to make it happen.

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Episode 226 – Uluru, Venezuela and China

In this episode, we are joined by Archer to discuss climbing Uluru, Venezuela and Chinese influence in Australian Universities.

An ethical consistency test

Dear listener. We have a little test on your ethical positions.

Does religious nonsense annoy you? Are you sick of undeserved respect demanded by religious leaders for their superstitious beliefs?

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Episode 225 – The top 1% and the bottom 70% and Satanists march in Noosa

Satanists prepare to march in Noosa and Christians are worried. The top 1% of Australians own 70% of the wealth and no-one cares. The emissions of one cow equal driving the average car for 12,500 km.

1:21 Robin Bristow and the Noosa Satanists

What will happen on Hastings St?

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Episode 224 – Korea, Extinction Rebellion and Surveys

In this episode of the podcast, we delve into the Korean War and then discuss Extinction Rebellion, the Morrison theocracy, opinion surveys and corporate ethics.

2:30 Korea

Cam Reilly.

Here is his web site The Podcast Network.

Currently producing 5 weekly podcasts:

  1. The BS Filter,

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Episode 223 – Renewable Energy

In this episode we discuss the cost of renewable energy and whether Australia can have stable power supply relying 100% on renewable energy.

2:12 The Great Debate
14:45 Dean Stretton
17:30 Was the Climate Poll Too Binary?
19:30 Do we care?
30:41 Renewables or Coal
53:38 Lionel Shriver
1:04:59 Donald Trump threatens to ‘obliterate’

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Episode 222 – China, Greta, Prorogue and Impeachment

The strange relationship between left and right and attitudes to climate change.

2:37 Happy 70th Anniversary to the Chinese Communists

It’s 70 years since Mao declared an end to the humiliation.

9:55 China USA Priorities

From Newspoll

Coal-loving Morrison scolds China over emissions

From Jeff Sparrow in Crikey

If chutzpah was combustible,

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Episode 221 – Religion, Free Speech and Greta Thunberg

In this episode, we discuss religion, free speech and Greta Thunberg.

2:08 Morrison in America

“The easiest thing for me to do is to say knock out 15 sites in Iran and that would be a very bad day for Iran,’ he said.

Mr Trump said the US had the best military in the world “we have the finest planes,

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Episode 220 – Smug Morrison, Riverfire and Support Clowns

Scott Morrison has realized he can get away with it. Riverfire should not be cancelled. And we offer an interesting option to consider should you face a tough meeting at work.

3:05 Jacinta Price

Scott, Paul and Craig went to see her at a public event.

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Episode 219 – Cashless Cards, Tamils, Penises and Brexit

No other podcast would attempt to explain cashless cards, Tamil refugee status, offensive penises and the history of Brexit going back to 6500 BC.

1:40 Deep Throat

William Mark Felt Sr. (August 17, 1913 – December 18, 2008) was an American law enforcement officer who worked for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) from 1942 to 1973 and was known for his role in the Watergate scandal.

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Episode 218 – The Religious Discrimination Bill 2019

In this episode, we examine the Religious Discrimination Bill 2019.

The Religious Discrimination Bill 2019

We start off with a quick look at the important sections.

20:12 The Iron Fist thoughts on how to argue against the Bill

We don’t need any Religious Discrimination Bill because:

  1. Religious People are not discriminated against.

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Episode 217 – From NSW Abortion Law to Ho Chi Minh

In this episode, we discuss NSW Abortion Law, Pell, Fascist laws, Iranian oil tankers , the US Empire and Ho Chi Minh. Our live stream worked perfectly and we were able to talk to Caitlin about NSW abortion law and Cam Reilly about Ho Chi Minh.

Berejiklian delays abortion vote to calm furious conservative MPs

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has given in to her conservative MPs and told them she wants the abortion vote in the upper house delayed for several more weeks.

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Episode 216 – The US Dollar and other myths

In this episode, we have a crack at explaining how the US dollar replaced gold as the default currency.

Religious Privilege Rally

Only about 200

We let them pick our fruit

Pacific island nations affected by the climate crisis will continue to survive “because many of their workers come here to pick our fruit”,

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Episode 215 – China and the looming NSW theocracy

Hopefully we won’t be swatted

Barely two weeks after winning $3m at the Fortnite World Cup, Kyle “Bugha” Giersdorf was “swatted” in the middle of a livestreaming session.

The 16-year-old was broadcasting to his legion of fans on streaming platform Twitch as he played Fortnite with friends when the incident occurred.

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Episode 214 – A Successful Livestream with Hugh Harris

In our first successful livestream we discuss 19 different topics and enjoy the contrary views of Hugh Harris. It’s a long one.

Falou – another twist in the saga
Josiah is sacked – by a private religious school

From The Australian

A cousin of sacked rugby international Israel Folau has been removed from his teaching job at a Catholic high school in Sydney’s south after calling the church’s mass a “paganistic ritual rooted in heresy,

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Episode 213 – A Podcast to Indigenous Australians


I am asking if any indigenous spokesperson would be willing to be interviewed for my podcast.

My co-hosts and I produce a weekly podcast looking at news, politics and current affairs and we occasionally discuss Indigenous issues.

Our views are usually left-wing. We support higher taxes,

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Episode 212 – Calombaris, Grandfathering and Forgotten Classes

Calombaris has done a Falou, Falou’s sect is bonkers, Section 44, Iranian tanker swap, inequality, grandfathering, class distinctions and our thoughts on Indigenous issues for next week’s special episode.

1:45 It’s 50 Years Since the Moon Walk

July 20, 1969. Two men walk on the moon. The Earth stands still.

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Episode 211- Live Streaming to a Brave New World

In this episode we attempted our first Livestream. We had a lot of problems with buffering but it worked very well once we switched over to tethering off our mobile phones so I’m declaring it a successful experiment.

2:06 Queensland – Cue banjo music

LNP state convention.

Liberal National Party leader Deb Frecklington says she would consider a resolution passed at the LNP state convention to establish an “Office of Science Quality Assurance”.

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Episode 210 – The Persecuted Are In Charge

Another week under the Morrison theocracy.

Following up from last week

When will Americans realize “We’re Not the Good Guys”? A good summary of US aggression and hypocrisy.

On Incarceration. The 12th Man was not happy with Iran incarcerating atheists. What about Alabama where they try to  incarcerate pregnant women for being shot?

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Episode 209 – Iran, China, the Morrison Theocracy and Falou 101

A planned brief discussion over Iran morphed into a heated discussion over Iran and China and nuclear weapons. We then get back on track with discussions over the budding Morrison Theocracy, Tax, Christopher Pyne, Accounting firms, Falou and Deep Throat.

4:43 Secular Drinks

It was a big success.

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Episode 208 – Loriana Luccioni and Universal Basic Income

In this episode, we talk to Loriana Luccioni about Universal Basic Income.

Loriana Luccioni is a PhD student at the University of Queensland. After completing degrees in Psychology and Sociology, Loriana has graduated with a Master of Science in European and Comparative Social Policy at the London School of Economics and Political Science,

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Episode 207 – More Free Speech and Ethical Conundrums

Somehow we combine The Lord’s Prayer, Iran, New Zealand, Assange, Chelsea, Setka, Sinatra, Falou, De Belin, Mr Anderson, Gas Royalties and Workplace Fingerprinting into another compelling episode.

1:49 Led not into temptation: The Pope approves a change to the Lord’s Prayer

Now Pope Francis has risked the wrath of traditionalists by approving a change to the wording of the Lord’s Prayer.

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Episode 206 – Religion in Qld Schools and 1984 in 2019

Everything you need to know about religion in Queensland schools plus Orwellian AFP raids.

Alison Courtice from Queensland Parents for Secular State Schools

We last spoke to Alison on episode 104 on the 13th of July 2017.

Alison gave us a great explanation of the latest news and developments regarding religious instruction in Qld state schools?

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Episode 205 – Peter Monk from the NSL

Lots of secular and religious news in this episode.

2:27 The National Secular Lobby

We start off by interviewing  Peter Monk, the president of the National Secular Lobby.

31:59  Metcalfe’s Law

The secular community needs to apply Metcalfe’s Law.

Metcalfe’s law states the effect of a telecommunications network is proportional to the square of the number of connected users of the system (n2).

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Episode 204 – Secularism, Coal Mines and Death by Capitalism

Secularism, Coal Mines and Death by Capitalism.

2:45 Three Cheers for the NSL

NSL Ambassadors and executive met with the ABC Managing Director David Anderson, and Editorial Director Craig McMurtrie, to discuss the need for a “secular voice.” 

Jane Caro,

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Episode 203 – It’s Not The End of The World

Left-leaning public intellectuals cannot empathise with “white working class trash”. They have taken a leaf from Hilary’s playbook and think of them as a basket of deplorables. That is not going to work.

Don’t they know, it’s the end of the world?

WTF happened?

Saturday night I recorded myself –

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Episode 202 – Election thoughts and ethical conundrums

After a slow start, this episode warms up nicely.

4:42  Both parties to provide bank guarantees for first home buyers

Oh FFS. More money for baby boomers and Millennials get screwed again. Locking millennials into impossible loans is not the way to go.

11:39  Senate Ballot Paper

It’s hard to find 6 worthy parties.

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Episode 201 – Harris Sultan – Founder of Ex Muslim Atheist

In this episode of the podcast, we speak to Harris Sultan.

Harris was born on December 26, 1983 in Lahore, Pakistan. He is an actor and talent agent, known for Sea Patrol (2007), Neighbours (1985) and Utopia (2014).

He has written a book – The Curse of God – Why I left Islam.

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Episode 200 – Justin Murray the Humanist Chaplain

In this episode, we speak to Justin Murray, the Humanist Chaplain who has been rejected by the Defence Force because he is not from an approved religion.

2:25 Pre-poll Voting
5:16 Anzac Day Review

Hello Trevor,

Can I present my nominee for ‘Most Religious Dawn Service?’

2 hymns,

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Episode 199 – Pentecostals, Pirate Party and Political Donations

We discuss Scott Morrison’s Pentecostal beliefs, Pirate Party policies and Political Donations.

2:28   Scott Morrison invites media into Pentecostal church amid election campaign ‘truce’

That could backfire.

From James Boyce in The Monthly.

Pentecostalism is, in fact, the perfect faith for a conviction politician without convictions.

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Episode 198 – Samford Atheists, Falou and Assange

A big welcome to all of the Drunks, Homosexuals, Adulterers, Liars, Fornicators, Thieves, Atheists and Idolaters.

2:31 Anzac Day

It’s coming up on the 25th of April.

Paul from Samford Atheists had trouble getting permission to lay a wreath.

He received this email.

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Episode 197 – Scare Campaigns, Batteries and Harry

According to conservatives, a Labor victory will be the end of the world or at least the end of the weekend. Meanwhile, Morrison burns cash and we discuss Taiwan and car batteries.

3:33 It will be the end of the world, don’t they know?

Terry McCrann says Bill Shorten and Chris Bowen have made it official and fully public: Labor has a two-stage strategy to destroy Australia.

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Episode 196 – Whispering Beta Males and Alpha Billionaires

It’s time for females and whispering beta males to get together and deal with alpha billionaires.

o:01 Back in Black?
2:03 Kenan Malik was in Brisbane

But he was a bit flat and lacking energy.

4:04 Landon Hardbottom

Landon sent us a message.

5:11 The Goodness paradox by Richard Wrangham

In this “Budget Special”

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Episode 195 – NRA and DNA and MLAs

Cue the banjo music. NSW to exhume Joh Bjelke-Peterson and offer him a place in the Upper House where he will feel right at home.

NSW falls in love with the Shooters Party. Mark Latham gets a seat in the Legislative Council. All this in a State with the highest proportion of “NO”

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Episode 194 – Christchurch and Egg Boy

Christchurch and the issues of Identity, Incels, Jacinda Ardern, 8chan and Egg Boy.
White Terrorism in Christchurch

His manifesto:

Claiming to represent “millions of European and other ethno-nationalist peoples”, he said “we must ensure the existence of our people, and a future for white children”.

The gunman described the attack as an act of “revenge on the invaders for the hundreds of thousands of death caused by foreign invaders in European lands throughout history … for the enslavement of millions of Europeans taken from their lands by the Islamic slavers … (and) for the thousands of European lives lost to terror attacks throughout European lands.”

He said the attack was also inspired by a trip he took to France in 2017.

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Episode 193 – Hugh Harris on Politics, Religion and Sex

Hugh Harris joins the podcast to discuss Politics, Religion and Sex in Australia.

0:56 The 8th of March was International Women’s Day

What better way to celebrate than to get the opinion of another white privileged heterosexual male … Hugh Harris.

1:58 Celia Hammond

It could be worse.

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Episode 192 – Catholics, Human Rights, Evolution and Ita

The Catholic Church and the Morrison Government compete to produce more scandals than we can handle.

2:28 Voluntary Assisted Dying

From DWDQ:

Just two Labor MPs decided against supporting the abortion decriminalisation bill in the end with one choosing to abstain.

It meant Labor did not need the LNP to pass its bill.

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Episode 191 – Voluntary Assisted Dying in Qld

The Queensland Parliament is considering introducing Voluntary Assisted Dying (VAD) legislation and has set up an inquiry into End of Life choices.

Dying With Dignity Queensland Inc (DWDQ) wants you to understand the issues and hopefully make a submission requesting that VAD laws be introduced.

In this episode of the podcast we interview Phil Browne,

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Episode 190 – Erik Mostert

An interview with Erik Mostert about the source of moral belief and Erik’s theory that we need to keep in mind our animal nature.

Here is a link to Erik’s article in Areo Magazine.

Here is a link to David Gillespie’s book Taming Toxic People

You can follow Erik on twitter @erik_mostert

Here is the graph about spindle neurons:

Below are my notes of Erik’s article:

  • Science caused change in religious beliefs once they became undeniable.

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Episode 189 – Left, Right, Black Face, Colourism and Universal Morals

Plenty of humour in this episode as we debate a breadth of topics that no other podcast would be game to attempt.

Generally in this podcast:

We criticise the left for obsessing over identity politics while ignoring the poor, for using offensive speech as a reason to restrain free speech and for being duped by Steven Pinker.

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Episode 188 – Peterson, Pinker and Peckers

The only podcast to discuss Mortgage Brokers, Jordan Peterson, Steven Pinker, franking credits and restoring a circumcised penis. And people say we are too blokey?

Review of The Secular Party event in Melbourne.

Review of Episode 187

Brian Morris wants to pitch a secular programme to the ABC.

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Episode 187A- God Forbid

There was a problem with the first post so here is a second attempt.

In this episode, The Iron Fist reviews a recent God Forbid podcast. That podcast purported to provide a balanced discussion of religious freedom in Australia but, in fact, failed miserably to shed light on many compelling secular arguments.

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Episode 187 – God Forbid

In this episode, The Iron Fist reviews a recent God Forbid podcast. That podcast purported to provide a balanced discussion of religious freedom in Australia but, in fact, failed miserably to shed light on many compelling secular arguments.

So sit back and relax as The Iron Fist tries to live up to his name.

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Episode 186 – Venezuela, Davos and claims of racism

The Velvet Glove and The 12th Man will be in Melbourne on the 9th and 10th of February. The boys would love to catch up with listeners on Sunday morning for breakfast. Email and we will let you know the details.

4:52 A Podcast Prayer

Let us pray.

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Episode 185 – Gillette, Gender, Race and Class

It’s the class war, Stupid!

Left-wing commentators miss the point. They are willing to talk endlessly about gender wars and racial privilege while ignoring the plight of the working class.

1:46 Our pre-match pep talk for Waz.

The best a man can be

Who better to critique #MeToo than 4 white men like us.

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Episode 184 – Nazis, Foreign Fighters and Whitehouse Hamburgers

It’s been quiet in Australia. Everyone is still on holidays or on the “go slow” except for Fraser Anning and the Nazis.

Jonathon Pie: We’ve reached peak Nazi (language warning)

Fascist Vs Nazi

Fascism is a form of radical authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power,

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Episode 183 – Vetoes, walls and fishing for whales

No other podcast would be game enough to tackle in one episode an explanation or debate over the Trump wall, presidential veto powers, presidential transition arrangements, EU funding of the wall between Turkey and Syria, US foreign policy in Latin America, the history of capital gains tax and dodgy bank lending in Australia,

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Episode 182 – Highlights of 140 and 141

Another highlights episode.

1:31 The Voltaire Award

4:59 Should the wealthy pay higher fines?

15:17 Happiness report

17:20 Another gripe about corporate tax cuts.

23:56 Aboriginal witch doctors in hospitals

37:46 Dickson on Mormons

44:21 Janelle on witchdoctors

48:38 Malik asks what replaces religion

54:33 Virtue Ethics

1:01:46 Landon Hardbottom does a google search

1:03:00 East Vs West

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Episode 181 – Highlights from February 2018

Here are the highlights from February 2018.

0:40 Should vaccinations be compulsory

13:43 Further discussion about government compulsion

28:54 Kenan Malik on philosophers

35:45 USA assholes

39:12 Han Tu on Indonesia and China and our ability to repel an invasion.

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Episode 180B – Merry Christmas 2018

Merry Christmas from Fist, Glove and 12th.

This bonus Christmas day episode has nothing to do with Christmas and simply includes our discussions from episode 135 with Brett and Matt.

We really enjoyed these discussions so if you would like to record a podcast with us,

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Episode 180 – Highlights from January 2018

We present the highlights of the Iron Fist Velvet Glove Podcast from January 2018.

1:38 Pirate Theory

9:17 Our economy is a house of cards

31:38 Command and Control

38:22 Flo is dead

43:40 GST causes a split in Aboriginal people

46:41 Singaporean organ donation scheme

50:22 Malik on the working class as a descriptor

53:50 The Greens ignore workers

59:46 An open letter to Stan Grant

1:05:42 Morgan Freeman on Black History Month

1:11:26 Indian submariners

1:13:25 Milkshake Duck

1:15:51 National days

1:21:17 Marion Maddox

1:23:25 Raju Singh wants to feel the wind in his hair

1:26:05 Adam Smith on the corruption of the market

1:28:29 Psycho Chicken

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Episode 179 – An ill-tempered mule that kicks innocent children

The Ruddock Report is morally and ethically flawed from beginning to end. It was conceived the bastard offspring of two different animals, the father being the Right Wing horse of the Liberal Party and which forced itself on the weakened mother, the moderate donkey in the same herd. It was then nurtured on a steady diet of religious freedom propaganda by a panel stacked with theists.

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Episode 178 – Forget boats, they come by plane now.

It was Rudd not Morrison who stopped the boats and the big problem now is arrivals by plane. And we discuss “consent” in the context of sub-incision, virgin births and Noam Chomsky.

1:45 The Fist Was Wrong

Hi Trevor,

Thanks for the excellent episodes recently. The lively discussions and sensible centrism send you to the top of my playlist each week!

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Episode 177 – A Pandora’s Box of Religious Privilege

The Ruddock Inquiry has opened up a Pandora’s box of religious privilege.

The debate about expelling gay students has now widened to include criticism of teaching anti-gay religious doctrine.

1:24 We Won A Podcast Award

It was a small field but a win is a win.

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Episode 176 – A parasite is feeding on the Liberal Party

It’s too late for the Liberal Party.  The religious right is a parasite which has taken over the Liberal Party and will feed on the host until they both die.

1:33 A Big Win for the Andrews Government

What have we learned from the result?

Andrews wants to build infrastructure,

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Episode 175 – Brexit, Amazon and Unusual Characters

In this episode, we discuss Brexit, Baby Boomers, delivery methods for Corporate Fascism, a limbless preacher, an atheist preacher, the lucky country, Scomo nonsense, a cybersecurity minister who has never used a computer, a 69 year old man who identifies as 49 and a man who identified as Native American only to find out he is Chinese.

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Episode 174 – Freedom For Faith

If there is a lesson to be learned from this episode it is “Don’t record a podcast in the kitchen of a Mexican restaurant”. Particularly when they are closing up for the night.

Seriously, the audio is bad and you should not listen to this episode but if you do,

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Episode 173 – Morrison is a fair dinkum drongo

Our fair dinkum Aussie podcast would like to swap the blithering idiot Scomo for an evil genius.

Qantas is facing calls to match Virgin’s decision to give priority boarding to war veterans and salute them before take-off.

3:05 Oh FFS!

Qantas is facing calls to match Virgin’s decision to give priority boarding to war veterans and salute them before take-off.

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Episode 172 – Certificates for Birth and Consensual Sex

A birth certificate without gender. A confirmation certificate without religion. A competency certificate for sexual consent. All will be revealed in episode 172.

Bible Lessons are back on the agenda in Victoria

2:59 From The Age:

Religious instruction classes will be reintroduced into the Victorian state school curriculum if the Coalition wins next month’s election.

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Episode 171 – An Australian Ex-Mormon

In this episode, we interview Brother Joseph who describes his experience as an Australian Mormon.

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Episode 170 – The Ruddock Report in a Nutshell

Finally, a good week for secularism.

It’s fair to say that the playing out of the Ruddock Inquiry saga is irony at it’s best.

Ironic – happening in a way contrary to what is expected, and typically causing wry amusement because of this.

So, in summary,

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Episode 169 – David Gillespie

If you are considering what school to send your children to then this podcast is essential listening.

In this episode, Trevor interviews David Gillespie, the author of “Free Schools – How to get a great education for your kids without spending a fortune.”

As many of you know,

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Episode 168 – Mormon Bonus

A few people enjoyed our recent discussion about Mormons so I’ve cobbled together some extracts from episodes 28, 29 and 30 to create a little bonus episode.



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Episode 167 – Ignorant politicians and an honourable thief

Our Australian podcast gives Education Minister Dan Tehan the Dan Quayle Award and we introduce an honourable thief.

5:33 David Gillespie gives some more analogies regarding our government’s funding of private schools. He says that it is the equivalent of an avid reader suggesting he is saving the local library by buying his own books and then expecting his collection to be paid for by the taxpayer. 

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Episode 166 – Needy Private Schools, Free Will and Other Myths – an Australian Podcast

We start out with a shout out to Wilks and Tim and then launch into a discussion about government funding of private schools in Australia. If you want a private system, then you should fund 100% yourself. It is no surprise that Scott Morrison has thrown money at the private school sector.

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Episode 165 – Morrison is testing the waters of religious privilege

Scott Morrison has tested his religious agenda on Sky News, The 7:30 Report, 2GB and The New York Times. We should all be worried.

3:17 Morrison on Sky News

So a school should be able to sack a teacher for immoral un-Christian behaviour but a Board or a professional partnership should not be able to sack a member for Christian bigotry.

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Episode 164 – The crazy left attacks Bandt but supports Serena

The Left has no moral compass. It attacked Adam Bandt for admiring his hot wife but supported the disgraceful behaviour of Serena Williams.

3:08 His hot wife gets Adam Bandt into hot water

Here are some of the comments:

Katred Stave –

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Episode 163 – The Demise of the Nation State

Money shuffling by multi-nationals has left sovereign states powerless.

2:38 The Fist appeared on The Bullshit Filter

6:13 Apparently, we are not allowed to poke fun at the religious belief of our Prime Minister

10:11 Gay conversion therapy is on the nose

14:30 Reason Party meeting –

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Episode 162 – Who is Scott Morrison?

Everything you need to know about our new Prime Minister.

We review our predictions from episode 54

Scott Morrison is the fifth prime minister in five years. 

Leadership changes in summary

The Liberal Party seems to be falling for “Balmain basket weavers” syndrome.

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Episode 161 – The Liberal Party Suffers The Final Solution

1:00 Turnbull Vs Dutton. The conservative religious nutters can’t stand having a progressive in charge of their “Conservative” Party. Welcome to the future of the Liberal Party as it lurches into a Tea Party abyss of conservative ideology.

10:00 A study shows that endorsement of free-market economics predicted rejection of climate science

12:24 Is Dutton in breach of S.44?

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Episode 160 – Aboriginal Culture Must Take Some Blame

We gird our loins and question high rates of sexual harassment in Universities and then put on our asbestos suits and argue that Aboriginal culture must take some blame for the sorry state of Aboriginal people.

1:02 Sexual assault in our Universities. A tale of two stories depending on which newspaper you read.

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Episode 159 – Freedom of Speech and Alex Jones

The Iron Fist provides 3 simple rules for Freedom of Speech conundrums.

2:21 Right Wing Tony – If you ignore tax, we agreed on a lot. Listener feedback was mixed.

8:52 Swedish Police confirmed to Fox News the man whose deportation Ms Ersson prevented had received a prison sentence in Sweden for assault.

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Episode 158A – Better Audio Version – The Return of Right Wing Tony

Right Wing Tony reflects on the by-election results and we discuss the issues of the week including Lauren Southern, Donor Sperm,  protesting in a plane, Nine buying Fairfax, an Angry Buddhist and a Government Relations Officer who criticised the government on her private twitter feed and was sacked by Cricket Australia.

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Episode 158 – The Return of Right Wing Tony

Right Wing Tony reflects on the by-election results and we discuss the issues of the week including Lauren Southern, Donor Sperm,  protesting in a plane, Nine buying Fairfax, an Angry Buddhist and a Government Relations Officer who criticised the government on her private twitter feed and was sacked by Cricket Australia.

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Episode 157 – A Bunch of Losers Debunk Some Myths

To change minds, offer an alternative instead of a vacuum.

2:10 The Unions want to indoctrinate children

9:25 Bill of Rights clarification. I’m not trying to con people.

15:35 Identity Politics – why we are not guilty

16:43 Greens Policies

26:46 “Why shouldn’t a Christian school insist that all its staff are Christian?” He added: “You can do whatever you like in private. 

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Episode 156 – Reason, Rights, Catholics and Angry Virgins

The only podcast which combines Constitutional Law, Sex Dolls, Gun Control, Selfish Catholics, Angry Consecrated Virgins, State of Origin and Branch Stacking into a compelling 90-minute discussion.

2:01 Robin Bristow discusses the Reason Party and a petition

9:15 Robin Bristow defends the benefits of a Bill of Rights.

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Episode 155 – The Double Standards of Christian Crybabies

Senator Dan Tehan is the latest Christian Crybaby to lament over a false picture of declining Christian power and James Paterson abandons his free speech principles to appease Mormon powerbrokers in the Victorian Liberal Party.

2:06 Reason meeting at a Grill’d restaurant in Brisbane

6:30 We need to copy Christian dominionists and effect a rationalist takeover of the Liberal Party.

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Episode 154 – Senate Prayers, Paedophilic Employees and Danish Assimilation

Why Suncorp should have hired a paedophile plus Senate prayers and incredible new assimilation laws in Denmark.

2:10 Greens move to scrap ‘archaic’ Lord’s prayer in Senate sittings

7:38 According to Lyle Shelton, The Greens attack on Lord’s Prayer is an act of cultural vandalism

12:20 You can make a submission here

12:30 Follow the NSL campaign

12:48 Speaking of submissions –

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Episode 153 – Death, Taxes and Deep Throat

Our very own Deep Throat joins us to discuss Assisted Dying, Average Incomes, Discrimination, The United Nations, Mother Theresa and Private Health Insurance.

3:10 Dying with Dignity in Qld

16:05 The Hippocratic Oath

19:40 The Courier Mail has a strange idea of average jobs and what does the average Aussie earn and who benefits from the tax cuts?

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Episode 152 – Confessions, Christians and Treadmills

Catholic Priests consider themselves above the law and Christians continue their takeover of the Liberal Party.

1:15 The Fist bags soccer

4:50 Trump and child concentration camps.

19:53 Meredith should thank us for improved fitness levels

20:40 Sniff Off to the rescue

28:32 Church to uphold the sanctity of confession but the Greens want the Catholic Church taxed if it ignores the law.

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Episode 151 – Science will undermine Liberal Humanism

Science has undermined religion and is about to do the same to Liberal Humanism. If your version of Humanism prioritises individual freedom of choice but science reveals that freedom of choice is a myth, then it might be time to choose a different branch of Humanism.

Apologies to Mrs Fist and Meredith.

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Episode 150 – An interview with Meredith Doig

Episode 150 features an interview with Meredith Doig.

We started with a brief overview of Meredith’s career and then had a discussion about The Rationalists and what they do and their objectives.

Questions for Meredith included:

Has there been an increased focus on opposing religious privilege in the last few years as opposed to debunking pseudoscience?

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Episode 149 – The N Word, Pirates and The Noble Savage

We discuss the N word, the surprisingly civilised nature of pirate society, the dangers posed by robots and we and examine the interaction between discrimination and culture.


1:06 The number of Canberrans choosing to end their lives with voluntary euthanasia could grow to 65 a year in the next decade if assisted dying is legalised,

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Episode 148 – English Weddings and English Signs

We discuss the test case against School Chaplains and The Fist identifies a possible problem. We give you a different take on the Royal Wedding ceremony and Hugh and The 12th Man gang up against The Fist over English signs and banning books that incite violence.

A legal challenge to School Chaplains

Ruddock review delivers final report to government,

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Episode 147 – Was Karl Marx Right?

We continue on from episode 146 with a discussion on courtroom attire, migration numbers in Europe and the prescience of Karl Marx.

Yanis Varoufakis: Marx predicted our present crisis – and points the way out



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Episode 146 – Young People Should Be Protesting

The 2018 Budget is the latest example of Baby Boomers screwing the younger generations.

Churches exempted from apprentice fund payments

Only 6 per cent of taxpayers face the top rate

Mormons are getting involved in the Liberal Party

People who don’t believe in God,

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Episode 145 – Cameron Reilly on Culture, Immigration and Free Will.

This episode features a lively discussion with podcast legend Cameron Reilly as we discuss culture, immigration and free will.

The links:

Was Scott Intolerant or Culturally Insensitive when talking about “no handshake no citizenship“?

Cultural Imperialism nonsense from our last show when we discussed this article from Spiked

Free Will and Luck

Here is a link to Cameron’s podcasts

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Episode 144 – Anzac Day Review and Breastfeeding Advice From a Male.

Topics include Anzac Day, Syrian chemical attacks, strange names, how to buy a gun, citizenship handshakes, Halal, Kosher and breastfeeding advice from a privileged white male.

1:03 How was your Anzac Day?

10:20 According to some ‘Anzac Day is bullshit. It’s a Trojan Horse for racism,

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Episode 143 – Trump, Falou, Martin Luther King Junior, Malcolm X and Hardbottom

This week we discuss the ethics of bombing Syria, transgender weightlifting, a divisive footballer seeking inclusive treatment, Anzac Day, an Orwellian future has arrived in China, secret religious business, Martin Luther King Junior, Malcolm X and Landon Hardbottom.

1:18 Our views on Syria plus Trump’s opinion on Syria from 2013. 

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Episode 142 – Rehashing some old ideas

This podcast is a waste of time if you already know about asabiyya, Islamic retconning, how democracy fails, Malik’s theories of multiculturalism, Lebanon, the problems with a Bill of Rights and who gets into Heaven.

1:09 Asabiyya

11:11 Retcon

14:24 Does democracy work?

23:07 Our Hillsong excursion

35:12 What is Multiculturalism

45:20 Who gets into Heaven?

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Episode 141 – Feedback from Hardbottom and Janelle

The usual collection of religious news stories plus some great listener feedback.

1:50 Good news- there is no Hell

5:11 Maybe that is why there is a need for more exorcisms

7:15 A Good Friday stunt that was not good

12:55 Bible Society text messages

14:10 The apostle Paul even admitted this,

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Episode 140 – Unequal Fines, Aboriginal Witch Doctors and a Text Message from Judas Iscariot

Unequal Fines, Aboriginal Witch Doctors and a Text Message from Judas Iscariot.

1:49 We catch up with Caitlin to discuss her rally calling for an exclusion zone for an Albury fertility clinic.

14:20 We review my interview with Chris Lambe of the New Creation Church.

23:23 Stephen Hawking had a sense of humour and many Christians are gloating that he is now burning in the fires of Hell.

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Episode 139 – Chris Lambe of New Creation Church

The Iron Fist talks to Chris Lambe of the New Creation Church about faith and Jesus Christ.

In the podcast, Trevor refers to a study proving that prayer is harmful rather than beneficial. Here is the link.

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Episode 138 – The Chaplaincy Program Could be Illegal

5:50 So it turns out you can pray in Canberra without being convicted of a criminal offence.

9:07 The TPP is back. Get Up campaigning. The URL says zombie, Meanwhile Trump will exempt the great country of Australia from steel tariffs.

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Episode 137 – Thinking Fast and Slow

A repeat of episode 112. Sorry about the audio quality.

In this episode, The Fist and Simon do a book review of Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman.

The phenomenal New York Times Bestseller by Nobel Prize-winner Daniel Kahneman, Thinking Fast and Slow offers a whole new look at the way our minds work,

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Episode 136 – Venerable Alex

With The Fist away we present a repeat of episode 89 which was a discussion with Venerable Alex about Buddhism.

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Episode 135 – Conquered People could be a compliment

A listener has suggested that The Velvet Glove used insensitive language towards Indigenous Australians and The Fist provides a different perspective. We also look at tribalism, online arguments, protest-free zones for abortion clinics, gun control in America, circumcisions in Iceland, the cowardice of the current ABC leadership, judges with jobs on the side and divorcing yourself from the Catholic Church.

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Episode 134 – Albury, Indonesia, ABC Bias and Peter Rabbit

It only takes 2 hours and 10 minutes to describe Christian protesters of a fertility clinic in Albury, the ethics of mandatory safety measures, the Barnaby Joyce saga, ABC bias in favour of religions, the Indonesian Military’s capacity to invade Australia, a fire levy which exposes the Catholic Church, an example of bike shedding on the Hugh Harris Facebook page,

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Episode 133 – The Good, the Bad and Dexter the Peacock

The only podcast to discuss the ACL, corporate tax, Oliver North, Socrates, Plato, Trump, Mohammed and Dexter the peacock and somehow inspire a Sydney barrister to write a brilliant opinion on “Religious Freedom”.

1:54 Dean Stretton’s submission

10:08 The ACL has 14 points and 12 deal with marriage.

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Episode 132 – Satirical Satanists, Humanism, Sugar and Historical Context

We discuss a satirical satanist, humanism, the merits of a sugar tax and ancient Australian history in 92 minutes of podcast commentary.

1:10 Regarding the Ruddock Panel, we discuss a submission by Bernard Gaynor and the satirical submission of The Fist

15:07 Do we need Australia Day honours?

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Episode 131 – Australia Day, Finland and Raju Singh

Somehow this podcast combines Australia Day, constitutional law, an apology to Finland, religion bashing, an Indian submariner, Adam Smith, Scientology, red frogs, milkshake duck and the Human Development Indicator into a compelling 79 minutes of Australian Podcast Gold.

1:06 Australia Day – A potted history presented by the 12th Man.

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Episode 130 – Racism, The Urban Elite and MeToo

The 12th Man joins the podcast so 3 white men can discuss racism, #MeToo, immigration and cervixes.

1:35 The Greens want to change the date for Australia Day but they haven’t offered an alternative date. The Fist says it will all be fixed when we become a Republic but that will probably offend monarchists.

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Episode 129 – Cruel schools, betting against Trump and a cow called Freezer

The only Australian podcast to expose unconscionable religious schools, speak ill of Flo Bjelke-Petersen and explore gambling options involving Donald Trump.

1:36 Public submissions to the Ruddock panel may be kept secret from the public. There is no good reason for this. We need to know what information may have have influenced the panel and we need to know if such statements were true,

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Episode 128 – Book Burning, Pirates and Dangerous Bubbles

The only Australian podcast to successfully combine book burning, wind farm safety, pirates and bubbles into a compelling 80 minute explanation of recent events in Australia and the direction we are heading.

2:46 Scott Morrison is as mad as hell about the mocking of Christians and he is not going to take it anymore.

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Episode 127 – Religious Belief Vs Religious Practice

2:38 The final recommendations from the Royal Commission.

10:31 Hugh Harris on “Religious Freedom”. Practice Vs Belief.

34:36 Street Walker

36:29 The Ruddock panel. Prof Nicholas Aroney, who has said religious freedom should include right to practise sharia law within limits,

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Episode 126 – Tax, Kebab Shops and Sex with a Ghost

Sit back and relax as we weave tax theory, kebab shops and sex with a ghost into a compelling review of the last 7 days.
0:59 There are a lot of big companies paying little or no tax. Multinational companies shift income overseas to tax havens.

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Episode 125 – Chicken breeding, tattoos and cake shops

The only podcast that can successfully combine chicken breeding, tattoos, cakeshops and politics in one compelling episode.

1:11 The IFVG Secular Index ranks our Federal politicians according to their commitment to secular policies. The same-sex marriage debate has flushed out the non-secular opinions of some of our political leaders.

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Episode 124 – Preferences, Panels and Princes

Our Australian Podcast discusses One Nation Preferences, Lopsided Panels, Dying Patients, Religious Privileges, Bogus Persecution, Marauding Princes, Jackie’s Pain and Bob Katter’s Proclivities.

1:50 The result of the Queensland election has not been formally announced
but it appears that the Labor Government has been returned thanks in
part to the strange preference arrangement of the One Nation Party.

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Episode 123 – Nasty Prejudices or Conscientious Beliefs?

3:06 We look at the marriage equality survey and examine what correlation there was between the No vote and religious affiliation, immigration status, education and ethnicity.

12:37 The factor that correlated most strongly with a No vote was religious affiliation. Being born overseas had only a slightly positive relationship with voting No.

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Episode 122 – Yes, let’s talk about so called “Religious Freedom”

No surprises for guessing that we kick off with a discussion over the
result of the marriage equality survey. Interestingly, the No vote
was strongest in the western suburbs of Sydney that feature a large
immigrant population.

10:21 We talk about the draft bill presented by James Paterson and the
nature of the exemptions that he is seeking and we also look at the
attitude of the Sydney Anglican Church and the Catholic Church to these

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Episode 121 – Want something banned in Qld? – Get Palaszczuk’s boyfriend to lobby for it.

1:14 It seems that there is legislation to allow at least one person to
sue politicians who have fallen foul of the citizenship
requirements. A man from Wagga Wagga is showing us how it is done.

7:05 Australian attitudes to private schools are like American attitudes to
gun control.

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Episode 120 – A bad week for Malcolm

1:20 Malcolm Turnbull has had a bad week and we start off by looking at the
citizenship fiasco and his poor political skills. When the issue arose
he should have told the members in question to stand down while
waiting for the High Court to resolve the matter.

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Episode 119 – Keating swims in the swill and our systems encourage Fake News

We have banged on about marriage equality for months. This episode will be a marriage equality free zone.

4:59 We start off with the assisted dying debate and the fact that the debate is not happening in Queensland despite the recent Labor conference passing a motion in favour of introducing voluntary euthanasia laws.

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Episode 118 – The Pots are calling The Kettles Black

2:10 We start with the extraordinary homily
from Sydney’s Archbishop Anthony Fisher in which he advised Governments
that they should, in general, keep out of the friendship business and
out of the bedroom. In an extraordinary display of self-control he
managed to say this with a straight face.

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Episode 117 – What were we saying back in October 2016?

Highlights from October 2016

2:45 Exorcisms and Islam’s view of The Devil and 5 things prophets have in common.

5:49 Embryos and medical research and how ISIS is more progressive than the Catholics

8:52 Scary Clowns, Ronald McDonald and The Hijab wrapped up into a lively discussion.

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Episode 116 – Guns, Freedom and … Sodomites

01:06 The Fist and The 12th Man discuss the shooting in Las Vegas and refer you
to the Bill before Congress called the Sportsmen’s Heritage and
Recreational Enhancement Act. This diabolical piece of legislation
proposes to allow US citizens to purchase silencers without background
checks and forces the government to destroy records of
transactions regarding silencers.

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Episode 115 – 27 September 2017

2:31 In this episode of the podcast, we note that Tim Nicholls arrived at the correct answer on marriage equality but he scores no marks for his calculations. In our view, deciding the marriage equality question based on St Paul’s letter to the Corinthians is poor practice for a State Opposition Leader.

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Episode 114 – The Flying Spaghetti Monster

The Fist talks to Tanya, the Captain of the Australian chapter of The Church of The Flying Spaghetti Monster.

21:57 Should a priest be allowed to deny marriage for a couple who supported marriage equality via a Facebook post?

24:22 The Fist theory on marriage and the delegation of a civil function.

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Episode 113 – 13 September 2017

We have a new feature. if you listen to the podcast directly from the post on our website, you will be able to jump directly to different topics by clicking on the relevant time stamp. Hopefully, this will make it easier for you to share your favourite parts of our podcast.

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Episode 112 – 6 September 2017

In this episode The Fist and Simon do a book review of Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman.

The phenomenal New York Times Bestseller by Nobel Prize-winner Daniel Kahneman, Thinking Fast and Slow offers a whole new look at the way our minds work, and how we make decisions.

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Episode 111 – 29 August 2017

In episode 111 the Fist is joined by the 12th Man.

01:02 We discuss:

  • What is the best date for Australia Day,
  • 10:51 Stan Grant and Cook’s statue,
  • 15:30 Trans-generational trauma,
  • Aborigines who elect to identify with part of their ancestry and after dividing their own identity complain about inclusion of that identity in society.

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Episode 110 – 22 August 2017

1:21 In episode 110 we kick off with a survey of expected participation rates in the upcoming postal vote.

8:15 The Fist then launches into Part A of a theoretical discussion of the difference between ideological identities and non-ideological identities and how this needs to be determined as part of deciding what level of criticism is acceptable.

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Episode 109 – 16 August 2017

1:55 In episode 109 we look at the arguments put forward by religious groups opposing marriage equality and note that they have not been honest enough to admit that scripture is their primary reason. It is dishonest and disingenuous of them to put forward arguments of religious freedom, freedom of speech and the danger of the safe schools program.

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Episode 108 – 9 August 2017

In episode 108 at 1:32 we look at the marriage equality postal vote and the plebiscite fiasco and we ask who is Andrew Broad and what are the Christian Values Awards?

The Queensland Labour conference votes to support the introduction of voluntary euthanasia legislation

34:50 The religious lobby will complain that the proposed legislation infringes on freedom of religion for clerks working in marriage registries and also wedding cake providers.

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Episode 107 – 1 August 2017

In this episode of the podcast, the Fist is joined by The Squeaky Wheel.

4:56 The Fist offers a dinner party tip for men

6:22 We kick off with a Sikh family who want their son to wear a patka when attending school and we debate the merits of their case.

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Episode 106 – Non-Religious Roundtable 2 – 25 July 2017

Topics include:

Who are The Rationalists?

Co-operation between secular groups

Global Atheist Convention in Melbourne in February 2018 – “Reason to Hope”

Clementine Ford

Lyle Shelton on Sky

41:40  QandA on furniture and terrorism and GREG AUSTIN.

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Episode 105 – 19 July 2017 – Solo Rant by The Fist

The Religious Right is blocking progressive reform of assisted dying, religious instruction and abortion law. They are taking over the Liberal party in a Tea Party like takeover and will push neo-liberalism as well as it fits their dominionist worldview. Unfortunately, the Left is consumed by Identity Politics and we have lost our ability to decide moral issues with consistent moral rules.

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Episode 104 – 13 July 2017

In this episode, Trevor speaks with Alison and Julia from Qld Parents For Secular State Schools.

Here is the link to their Facebook page


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Episode 103 – 4 July 2017

00:46 In this episode of the podcast we discuss a crazy Catholic nun who terrorised young children into thinking that they were being permanently removed from their parents. The ordeal lasted for 5 1/2 hours and is a fine example of the sensitivities of the Catholic Church.

05:25 We discuss why we cannot discuss Cardinal Pell because of the sub judice rules.

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Episode 102 – 28 June 2017

01:20 The census result

06:40 The Fist says the result is a disgrace.

10:15 The Fist explains why we must get a different religion question in the next Census and he also takes aim at cultural Christians.

12:32 What will it take for people to get interested in religious interference.

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Episode 101 – 20 June 2017

1:08 We look at a hard-line Christian hoping to replace Gillian Triggs as head of the Australian Human Rights Commission. Augusto Zimmermann is backed by Margaret Court and does not believe in evolution. What could possibly go wrong?

7:08 We explain why three government ministers are facing contempt of court charges.

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Episode 100a – better audio

Sorry about the audio on episode 100.

Scott’s voice was too loud (or mine was too soft) and there was a lot of background noise.

Here is a better version.


In this episode, we look at the UK election and discuss the Democratic Unionist Party,

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Episode 100 – 14 June 2017

In this episode, we look at the UK election and discuss the Democratic Unionist Party, Sinn Fein, Elmo and Lord Buckethead as well as a new theory called the median legislator theorem.


We shake our head at the request by The Islamic Council of Victoria for safe spaces so that their troubled youth can rage against Western civilisation without fear of being labelled radical.

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Episode 99 – 7 June 2017

2:56 In episode 99 we look at the latest terrorist attack in the United Kingdom.
3:05 We discuss the statement by the British Prime Minister and the responses around the world.
5:21 An article from The Guardian proves that The Guardian has lost touch with reality.

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Episode 98 – The Fist and Right Wing Tony discuss Islam

In this episode of the podcast, we are joined by Right Wing Tony.
1:03 We look at the aftermath of the Manchester bombing
1:17 Jonathon Pie on the attack. Carrying on as normal achieves nothing. Apparently, if I get angry, the Terrorists win.

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Episode 97 – 24 May 2017

0:57 Manchester bombing. It is often the successful sons and daughters of refugees who commit terrorist acts.

5:58 We criticise the government for paying money to the Catholic hierarchy rather than to individual Catholic schools because the Catholic hierarchy cannot be trusted to distribute the money correctly. In the article we have linked to it is clear that the National Catholic Education Commission has been taking money from poor schools and giving it to rich schools.

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Episode 96 – 12 May 2017

In this episode, The Fist talks with Brian Morris the author of Sacred to Secular.

Here is a link to his petition.

and here is a link to his website Plain Reason where you can get a copy of his book Sacred to Secular.

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Episode 95 – 10 May 2017

1:28 We take a quick look at the federal budget and ask why Labor is not supporting the coalition’s policy to reduce funding for elite private schools.

8:20 We briefly remind listeners of the history of government funding of private schools and pay homage to Mother Celestine who pulled off a true miracle by converting a toilet block into a gold mine.

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Episode 94 – 4 May 2017

1:13 The Iron Fist and Hugh Harris discuss the NSW SRE decision. Here is one opinion and here is the alternative

10:38 A discussion on the role and importance of Christianity and Judeo-Christian ethics in our Australian culture including references to  Kevin Donnelly’s article on celebrating Christianity’s role in our society and Hugh’s response and another Kevin Donnelly article claiming Barnaby Joyce is right about Judeo-Christian principles.

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Episode 93 – 27th April 2017

0:46 Yassmin and Anzac Day

6:02 The interplay of S.18C and S.18D. Yassmin’s comments on Anzac Day may have breached 18C and arguably failed to met the elements of S.18D

16:30  Hugh Harris paints a picture where atheists are in control and turn the tables on theists

21:40  No more Eagle Rock

24:55  Russia has banned the JWs

28:35  Religion is dragging us down says a famous biologist

30:11  The Dalai Lama is running rings around the Pope

33:30  Trump is a lot like the God of the Old Testament

36:40  Is anyone else worried about Indonesia?

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Episode 92 – 20 April 2017

1:23 Partisan bias and public opinion on Trump’s Syria strike

8:50 A Washington Post poll reveals Republicans disapproved of bombing when Obama was considering it but approved when Trump did it.

16:45  Trump can remember dessert but not the name of the country he bombed

Attacking North Korea: surely Donald Trump couldn’t be that foolish

21:37  JFK and the military

ACT government defends abortion clinic prayer ban as ‘rights balancing’

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Episode 91 – 13 April 2017