Episode 333 – A Firehose of BS

Enough! We need an election to lance this boil of a government.

The topics include:

An article by Alison Courtice
David Garland
CPE qualifications
The Australian way of life is collectivist. Lachlan’s ‘freedom’ cry is a US import
That Slap
Joe’s Topics
Vaccine consent case for parents
VAD doctor describes what it’s like to administer
Gonski was a while back, things are still broken
Shock-horror. Adani mine isn’t bringing many jobs to QLD
True cost of fossil fuel subsidies
Anti-China Murdoch borrows money from China owned bank.
Anglican Church using government aged-care money to pay sex abuse victims.
Morrison and Liberals ep 333
Post Wedding Revelation
The List
Sex in the Prayer Room
Concetta Fierravanti-Wells
It’s not just Murdoch
Criticised the federal government for spending money on disaster relief?
Our Parliament is a joke
Scott Morrison must reveal any text messages from QAnon friend
Can’t Rent? Buy a house
Scott Morrison says it would have been ‘weakness’ for him to meet new Chinese ambassador
Incentives to ‘embrace’ training, digital world
1 Star Reviews for Morrison
AAT Appointments
Hillsong Update
Medivac Mystery solved?
Ash Barty
Australian Future Leaders Program.
In summary
Solomon Islands
Seven Mountains on the Gold Coast

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