Episode 331 – A debate with Hugh Harris on Hitchens and Ukraine

Trevor and Hugh discuss this quote by Christopher Hitchens.

The Russians are going to be expansionist whether we provoke them to it or not. For example, the Russians keep saying that we’re trying to encircle them. In what sense does the independence of Kosovo, a land-locked province, former Yugoslavia, with no common border with Russia, threaten Russia with encirclement? In what sense does the independence of the Baltic states – which the Soviets gained as territory in a deal with Hitler, a direct bargain between Stalin and Hitler – would it constitute an encirclement? This is insulting. In what sense does the independence of Georgia constitute an encirclement? What we are facing, and we may as well give it its right name, is what I called it earlier, a chauvinistic, theocratic in part, xenophobic Russian imperialism.

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