Episode 327 – Forgotten Atheist

In this episode we discuss:

  • Religious Discrimination Bill
  • Phew … that was close
  • Citipointe
  • Thank God for Citipointe Christian College and who are they?
  • The Citipointe Contract
  • Landon Hardbottom
  • Citipointe Year 9 Curriculum
  • Noosa Connection
  • History of the Bill
  • We don’t need any Religious Discrimination Bill
  • Trans not Atheists
  • A Quick Refresher on Hierarchy of Rights and Discrimination
  • The Ideological Argument … again … to put it another way
  • Countering the Religious Ethos argument
  • Power Doesn’t Care about good arguments
  • Fear of a wedge issue
  • The Bill
  • Principles can be horse-traded
  • The Labor Plan by Paul Karp in The Guardian
  • Which Labor Members stood up?
  • Dominic Perrottet says religious discrimination bill is unnecessary
  • What Happened on Wednesday the 9th of February
  • Sex Discrimination Act
  • What Happened on Thursday
  • Scuttling the religion package shows where priorities lay all along
  • Looking back on the strategy
  • Teachers
  • I don’t trust Albanese on this issue
  • Labor Won’t Protect Teachers – ask Kristina Kenneally
  • A Reminder of private school numbers
  • My daughter
  • Constitutional concerns
  • The Shovel
  • Canberra Convoy
  • Scomo Stuff
  • April Sun in Cuba
  • Hair Washing
  • Brittany Higgins’ accused to seek trial delay after PM apology
  • Scomo is a liar
  • Ep 327 – Ukraine
  • The United States of Trust Me Bro.
  • Hypocrisy
  • When you have meddled in so many countries you can’t keep track
  • Russian Tricks

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