Episode 324 – The Morrison Government is a satirical performance. Brilliant, Bravo.

Topics include:

  • Democracy
  • Follow up on Injection placement
  • Springtime for Hitler
  • School Year Backflip
  • Djokovic
  • A grim grand slam calendar
  • It’s not just tennis, even the NRL
  • An Australian Republic
  • Covid
  • Poor Government – Blame neo-liberalism and Religion
  • How Does Morrison Win from here?
  • From Bernard Keane in Crikey
  • From Alan Kohler in the New Daily
  • From Michael Pascoe
  • From The Age
  • Hillsong
  • Police allege parents took daughter off insulin medication to be ‘healed by God’
  • Religion is Special
  • Teachers can be sacked over sexuality under bill, A-G’s department confirms
  • Catholic teacher moved out of job after IVF
  • Irish Education
  • Property Prices
  • Inflation and Interest rates
  • Australia’s CPI
  • Tanks

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