Episode 320 – Anyone who isn’t fundamentally disturbed by what is taking place doesn’t understand it

In this episode we discuss:

  • Satanic Drinks
  • The World Today
  • Kakistocracy
  • Morrison says NSW ICAC is a Kangaroo Court
  • Gladys and ICAC
  • There is still sympathy for Berejiklian
  • Horse Race Journalism
  • Social Media Trolling
  • Such Fucking Hypocrites
  • Peter Dutton
  • Pig Iron Dutton
  • Remember the Extradition treaty?
  • Dutton beating the drums over China
  • PJK on Dutton
  • Chomsky on USA China relations
  • Peter Dutton on communication with France
  • Religious Discrimination Bill – 3rd Draft
  • Why Does it matter – where are we heading?
  • Roe V Wade
  • Ginsberg disagreed with Roe V Wade
  • Brett Kavanaugh
  • Madison Cawthorn
  • They play a long game
  • The Christian pollie factory
  • So we end up with this
  • Who are the nutters?
  • The Concession
  • Details
  • Under the Guise
  • Labor will capitulate … again
  • Keneally says religious schools should be able to choose all their staff
  • IVF Discrimination
  • Victorian Bill and a High Court Challenge
  • NSW public not concerned by religious views
  • Subs

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