Episode 317 – A conga line of awful politicians

In this episode we discuss:

Noosa Temple Protest march
Morrison has a plan
Why you shouldn’t underestimate the underclass
The Fed libs are in the grip of Pentecostals and NSW is in the grip of Catholics
Bruce Baird and The Family — the PM’s Christian scaffolding
Kristina Keneally: ‘no one is seriously trying to turn Australia into a theocracy’
Labor are in the grip of Stockholm syndrome
Porters Blind Trust
Grace Tame
Ex-Alitalia flight attendants strip off uniforms in protest
The Ernie Awards
Colin Powell
News Corp is going nuclear
Nuclear by The Spectator
Covid Ep 317
Mandatory Covid Vaccinations and Employment
Covid and Mental Health
Anti-vaccine flyers banned from being posted by some Australian mailing services
Get vaccinated, or miss out on a kidney transplant.
Taiwan – History and Air Space

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