Episode 316 – NSW + 1 hour but – 40 years


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Topics include:

NSW Leadership Thoughts
Gladys Excused and ICAC Vilified
Federal ICAC
New leader Dominic Perrottet
From Crikey
From The Spectator
Is Religious Belief Relevant?
The Perfect Example- Perrottet and Cemeteries
Perrotte’s Neo-Liberalism is the biggest worry
NSW VAD Update
Dan Andrews is The Man
Banknote artwork
Goodbye Facebook
‘Missing’ man joins search party looking for himself
Jessica Rowe and Pauline Hanson
Uproar as all-boys netball team beats girls to win state title
Understanding Class in Australia
Larrikins, bogans and bullshit artists
Blue-collar blokes are deserting the left. The future is female
Climate Change Acceptance
Keith Pitt wants to lend Coal Companies $250 billion
Nuclear by Newspoll
Nuclear by Essential Report
Nuclear by The Spectator
Nuclear by Bob Carr

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