Episode 294 – Looking beyond race

In this episode we discuss:

  • Essential Poll – Men Haven’t Changed Their Opinions
  • Newspoll
  • Gender Quotas
  • Football Dickheads and Gender Equality
  • NRL ‘stand down’ policy
  • Republic
  • Patriarchy or Right-Wing Problem
  • Bridget McKenzie
  • A new patron
  • Andrew Laming and Chaplaincy
  • Scientology shifts millions to Australia
  • Scientology is shrinking fast
  • Amanda Stoker- A Reluctant Champion of Satanic Shoes
  • Labor will agree with Stoker
  • Stoker appears to have changed
  • American “woke” culture in French life.
  • Is The UK a racist society?
  • The left should concentrate on class
  • The ABC – value, popularity and bias
  • Sporting Boycotts

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