Episode 292 – Christian Porter, Gender and Feminism

Christian Porter has cleverly sidestepped a well-resourced independent inquiry to take on the ABC in a defamation action where the onus is not on him. An inquiry was likely to be inconclusive whereas a defamation action will possibly find in his favour.

  • Christian Porter Sues the ABC for Defamation
  • Essential Poll on Sexual Assault
  • WA Election
  • Big wins based on Covid response
  • Essential Poll
  • Gender Votes
  • Gender in Politics
  • NTOS Update
  • Landon Hardbottom
  • Is it racist to ponder what the skin colour of a new baby will be?
  • Boss of MinterEllison reportedly leaves law firm over Christian Porter furore
  • Boomer Feminism – is this a thing Shae?
  • Tory Shepherd calls BS
  • Petition EN2215
  • News Corp gives Kevin Rudd the silent treatment
  • Murdoch Papers and Iraq
  • Female MP awarded Japan’s most sexist comment
  • Burqa ban
  • Milo Yiannopoulos gives up being gay (for Jesus)

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