Episode 290 – Christian Porter – We will never know

Shae joins the team to discuss:

Christian Porter
Brittany Higgins
Historical Rape Allegations on an un-named Cabinet Minister
What do we know?
Case Closed
From her lawyer
It’s Tricky
Essential Poll
Luckily Murdoch editors don’t do much influencing
Why Facebook defied the government’s wishes while Google buckled
Those Crazy Texans
Peta Credlin forced to apologise to Kevin Rudd over false data harvesting claims
Alcohol Regulation
Victorian Emergency Powers
Clive Palmer v Western Australia: border ban justified by risks of Covid-19, high court reveals
Scott was interviewed by Hardbottom Industries

For the show notes in a pdf 290 notes

2 comments on “Episode 290 – Christian Porter – We will never know
  1. Bronwyn Benn says:

    Ha ha Landon, your best yet.

  2. Bronwyn Benn says:

    In the interests of fairness and accuracy, I should point out that my assertion in the chat room last night that Christian Porter was 18 at the time of the alleged rape was incorrect. He was, in fact, 17, as he has said; he turned 18 later the same year.

    That said, I still hold to my view that, given the seriousness of the crime, I don’t consider the perpetrator’s age at the time to be a mitigating factor.

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