Episode 283 – Old Arguments Rehashed and Opening Arguments on Renewables

We kick off with an unplanned return to lockdowns and after a number of minor topics we segue to China and renewables.

  • Lockdowns etc
  • Prayers in Parliament
  • Another School
  • Labor is pandering to Christians
  • Facebook banned Cam Reilly
  • New Patrons
  • Afghanistan Veteran Suicides
  • Christchurch Massacre
  • Should straight ever play gay? Critics come for James Corden over casting controversy
  • The China Import Ban:The disturbing facts and figures.
  • How we came close to total domination by China
  • Flight attendants should wear nappies to avoid COVID-19 risks in lavatories, China advises
  • Climate Ambition Summit
  • Agrivoltaics, Nuclear and Solar

I have prepared extensive notes, much of which was not discussed but we will get to them next year. It includes many charts and graphs which are time-consuming to put into this post so I have attached a pdf version of my notes if you are interested.

Click here to download the pdf



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