Episode 210 – The Persecuted Are In Charge

Another week under the Morrison theocracy.

Following up from last week

When will Americans realize “We’re Not the Good Guys”? A good summary of US aggression and hypocrisy.

On Incarceration. The 12th Man was not happy with Iran incarcerating atheists. What about Alabama where they try to  incarcerate pregnant women for being shot?


TEHRAN – Secretary of the Expediency Council (EC) has said Iran should seize a British oil tanker if London doesn’t release the Iranian tanker which was illegally seized by its forces.

“The Islamic Revolution has never been an initiator of tension during its 40-year-old history, however, it has not hesitated to respond to bullies and thugs,” Mohsen Rezaee tweeted on Friday.

The former IRGC chief added, “If Britain doesn’t return the Iranian tanker, the duty of responsible [Iranian] bodies is to seize a British oil tanker in a retaliatory measure.”

The British Royal Marines seized an Iranian oil tanker in Gibraltar on Thursday for trying to take oil to Syria allegedly in violation of EU sanctions, a dramatic step that could escalate tensions between Iran and the West.

“Following the illegal seizure of an Iranian oil tanker in Gibraltar by British Royal Marines, the British envoy to Tehran has been summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi said on Thursday.

Acting Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell has said Gibraltar detained the supertanker Grace 1 after a request by the United States to Britain.

He added that Spain was looking into the seizure of the ship and how it may affect Spanish sovereignty as it appears to have happened in Spanish waters.

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Tax Cuts get waived through

This passed 56-9, less than ten hours after debate began…. and includes the $95 billion third stage that will overwhelmingly benefit wealthy Australians

Tax cuts that no-one wants

From Essential Report

How did it happen if few people want it?

The American Dream by George Carlin.

Language warning.

Tim Wilson

Victorian Liberal MP Tim Wilson set a new benchmark for originality in the House of Representatives yesterday, holding a copy of Milton Friedman’s Capitalism and Freedom as he affirmed his allegiance to the Queen at the commencement of parliament.

“Traditionally you take the affirmation without a text in your hand. Characteristically I did something different and decided to hold a book that reflected my values,” he told The Australian.

Mr Wilson was among 37 lower house MPs who elected to make an affirmation, compared to 114 who swore oaths on religious texts. In the Senate, 25 oaths were sworn and 15 affirmations made.

David Hurley was sworn in as Australia’s 27th governor-general.

So is Australia’s new governor-general just another pale, stale, military male like his detractors argue? Or is he the only choice worth choosing, as is Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s opinion?

Born in Wollongong, Mr Hurley graduated from Duntroon Military College in 1975, narrowly missing the Vietnam war.

He was raised an Anglican, while wife Linda is a Presbyterian. They started dating in 1976, just after the war finished.

They both keep fit. Mrs Hurley hula-hoops while reading the bible every morning, but it is their faith they say that binds them.

… and religious freedom is under threat ????

A $200,000 wage is “aspirational” and not necessarily wealthy.

First, there is more to “aspiration” than just money.

Anthony Albanese first made the comment to Sky News on Friday, when discussing Labor’s position on the stage three of the government’s tax plan, which would put someone earning $45,000 on the same tax rate as someone earning $200,000.

In an interview with the ABC on Sunday, Jim Chalmers agreed that a worker on $200,000 a year was not the “top end of town”.

In 2017, the ABS reported, Australia’s median weekly pay was just over $1,000 a week.

In 2017, employees earned a median weekly pay of $1019 per week, earning an extra $19 per week (+2%) compared to 2016. Around 25% employees earned less than $660 per week, and around 50% of employees earned between $660 and $1512 per week. The top 10% of employees earned more than $2109 per week.

Some Stats from Cam

Where do you sit in the income scale?

Check out the quiz 

Why some Canadian Muslims celebrated the Quebec hijab ban

On Sunday night after a marathon session, Quebec legislators voted 73-35 to bring into law Premier François Legault’s Bill 21 that bans some public servants from wearing religious symbols.

Quebec Education Minister Jean-François Roberge said in a tweet Friday that if Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai wanted to teach in Quebec, it would be an honour, but like in other “open and tolerant countries, teachers can’t wear religious symbols while they exercise their functions.”


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