Episode 200 – Justin Murray the Humanist Chaplain

Episode 200 – Justin Murray the Humanist Chaplain

In this episode, we speak to Justin Murray, the Humanist Chaplain who has been rejected by the Defence Force because he is not from an approved religion.

2:25 Pre-poll Voting

5:16 Anzac Day Review

Hello Trevor,

Can I present my nominee for ‘Most Religious Dawn Service?’

2 hymns, 1 prayer, and an epilogue that states that we are “repledged to dedicate our lives/ To serving God, our country and mankind.”

Oh, and the ANZAC oration naturally started with an acknowledgment of country, too. Just for fun.

Have a good day,



Hey Daniel
My 9:30 am service had
A prayer and a reading from the Bible
A hymn (Eternal father)
The Lord’s Prayer
A benediction (final blessing)

And actually, that made it a lot better than previous years.

No welcome to country

Many speakers emphasized that the service was not about glorifying war but the first of four resolutions ended with “… The resultant glory they gave to Australia and NZ at that time will never fade.


9:29 Submarines

12:07 Justin Murray

Here is a background article from The Guardian:

The requirement for military chaplains to belong to a recognised religious denomination is discriminatory, according to a complaint to the Australian Human Rights Commission brought by a humanist chaplain.

The commission has accepted a complaint from Justin Murray, a volunteer chaplain at Canberra hospital, meaning it will now investigate and conciliate the case which could open the way for atheists and agnostics to hold posts as military chaplains.

1:11:08 Don’t be Fooled by Party Names

Here is a good guide from Phil Krohn. Sometimes the names are misleading and they stand for exactly the opposite.

1:21:53 Raju and Barnaby

2 comments on “Episode 200 – Justin Murray the Humanist Chaplain
  1. Warren Foster says:

    Wouldn’t the World be a better place if everyone was like Justin Murray!
    Pity I can’t vote for him on 18 May.

  2. Warren Foster says:


    “… a group from the University of British Columbia recently published an enormous meta-analysis on the danger of assuming that all of humanity closely matches the behaviors of 20-something college students. They cite evidence that between 2003 and 2007 undergrads made up 80 percent of study subjects in six top psychology journals, and that 96 percent of all psychology samples come from countries that make up only 12 percent of the world’s population. They call this the WEIRD population — Western Educated Industrialized Rich Democratic — and say that they are the least representative populations one could find for generalizing about humans.”

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