Episode 188 – Peterson, Pinker and Peckers

The only podcast to discuss Mortgage Brokers, Jordan Peterson, Steven Pinker, franking credits and restoring a circumcised penis. And people say we are too blokey?

Review of The Secular Party event in Melbourne.

Review of Episode 187

Brian Morris wants to pitch a secular programme to the ABC. Any ideas?

11:23 The National Student leadership Forum on Faith and Values.

Speaking of soft theocracy, what about the NSLF?

NSLF is a 4 day conference that brings together today’s leaders and the leaders of tomorrow to discuss openly who they are and what they believe.

…It is easy to begin with great idealism but to become disillusioned and cynical in the face of adversities and disappointments. That’s why our faith and values are so important: … Jesus of Nazareth introduced the concept of servant leadership when he said to his followers that, unlike the leaders of the day who “lorded it over” the people, “it will not be so with you. Instead the greatest among you must be the servant of all.” We have adopted this idea of servant leadership as the broad theme of the Forum. … The National Student Leadership Forum is an opportunity for the emerging generation to discuss the significance of faith and values as foundations for effective leadership…

14:11 The Banking Royal Commission

From Wikipedia:

The Royal Commission heard that ANZ had failed to accurately verify the living expenses of home loan customers referred to the bank by mortgage brokers, believing that this was the responsibility of the brokers, in spite of a conflict of interest in doing so.

Commissioner Hayne questioned whether the CBA was “economical with the truth” in failing to tell customers the value of commissions it pays to mortgage brokers in return for selling its products. The Royal Commission also heard that due to a system of trailing commissions paid to mortgage brokers, the CBA rewarded brokers for encouraging customers to enter into larger homes loans and for longer terms than needed.

The Commission heard that, similar to ANZ, Westpac believed that it was not its responsibility to verify loan applicants’ personal expenses, with this responsibility resting with brokers, especially for car loans originated by motor vehicle dealers acting as brokers; and that financial kickbacks to car dealers reflected a conflict of interest.

The RC recommended banning upfront and trailing commissions which would wipe out the Mortgage broking industry.

Are mortgage brokers seen as advisers or salespeople? The former is under a duty but for the latter, it is buyer beware.

59% of mortgages are settled by brokers.

The RC is giving even more power to Banks.

From Mungo Maccallum

Hayne did mention the possibility of criminal proceedings, but if they are to occur it will be through APRA and ASIC, the two toothless poodles Hayne had already dismissed as failing to do their job – we are not holding our breaths. It is hard not to believe that Hayne was a judge at the Nuremberg trials, he would have let off Hermann Hesse as a first offender.

In the short term this can be seen as deeply disappointing, even a cop out. But the longer term danger is the message it gives to the other fat cats of the system:  if you are a blue collar crook you will be arrested, charged and imprisoned, but if you are rich and powerful, you won’t really have to worry; your elitist peer group will look after you. Too big too fail, too big too jail.

From The Science Party

Wait, what? Bank shares UP 3-5% while Mortgage Choice and AFG (a broker service company, not mentioned in the Royal Commission final report) are DOWN 30%. There is a real risk that knee-jerk legislation may ban legitimate financial services, which could reduce competition and instead benefit the banks.

Regulatory capture is the main game for major financial institutions: they break the law, then they ask the government to make the law tougher, which makes it near impossible for competition to displace the majors.

23:39 The Greens

Meanwhile The Greens can’t even agree on the name of an inquiry.

The crisis engulfing the Victorian Greens has deepened, with former Batman candidate Alex Bhathal calling in her lawyers and dozens of members planning to resign in protest at her treatment.

But a “Truth, Healing and Reconciliation” process, designed to help soothe the damaging brawl, has been described as “bullshit” by some participants.

For a start, it had to be swiftly renamed the “Healing Process” after members sent feedback that the original title — which mirrored commissions established in post-apartheid South Africa and in South Sudan, as part of that country’s peace agreement — was “inappropriate”.

24:58 Meanwhile, poor Tony Abbott. ‘In the fight of my life’: Abbott takes aim at ‘negative, cashed-up’ independents

27:22 Scomo has hit the panic button. Expect more “National Security” scaremongering. But as Paul Bongiorno said ” The fact is, this is not 2001. Scott Morrison is not John Howard – a long- time prime minister – and the world is not reeling from the horror of the September 11 terror attacks on the World Trade Centre and other targets in the United States.”

31:13 The State of The Union

Trump probably has very poor literacy skills.

36:11 I have an idea, let’s segregate our football teams by skin colour

NRL Indigenous All Stars Vs Maori All Stars – not a good idea

41:18 The world doesn’t have time to take Jordan Peterson seriously

He is mostly right about identity politics and free speech but he has some whacky ideas.

He exaggerated the negative effects of Bill C-16. He has argued that feminism and policies such as no-fault divorce have had adverse effects on gender relations and destabilized society. He has attributed the rise of Donald Trump and far-right European politicians to what he says is a push to “feminize” men. Peterson doubts the scientific consensus on climate change. “Most of the global warming posturing is a masquerade for anti-capitalists to have a go at the Western patriarchy … you can’t trust the data because there is too much ideology involved.”

He proved himself to be nuts in a Sam Harris podcast when he couldn’t agree on “truth”. He has a weird view of human suffering such that it would be better not to be born.

He rose to fame complaining about artificially constructed words like zhe and zher but then himself redefines common words and applies meanings that no-one else uses.

But worse, he will tell atheists that they are actually theists and derive their moral code by osmosis from Christian ethics.

The world doesn’t have time for this obfuscating drivel.

Peterson seems to assume that the only alternatives to religious morality are totalitarian atrocities or despondent nihilism … Peterson’s allusive style makes critiquing him like trying to nail jelly to a cloud, but I have tried to indicate alternatives to his assumptions about morality, individualism, reality, and the meaning of life. If you go for Christian mythology, narrow-minded individualism, obscure metaphysics, and existentialist angst, then Jordan Peterson is the philosopher for you. But if you prefer evidence and reason, look elsewhere.

Fuck Dave Rubin as well.

50:21 And Steven Pinker. Meredith Doig describes Enlightenment Now as almost a Bible for Rationalists.

Phil Torres: Harvard psychologist Pinker’s bestseller “Enlightenment Now” is more than overly optimistic: It’s deeply flawed. He goes on to show several examples where Pinker misrepresents the people he is quoting.

Dr Jason Hickel is an academic at the University of London and a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. His most recent book is The Divide: A Brief Guide to Global Inequality and its Solutions. He accuses Pinker of using a BS graph that paints a falsely rosy picture of inequality and poverty.

David Sloan Wilson: One thing that stands out is that most of the evolutionary scientists known and revered by the general public, including Richard Dawkins, Steven Pinker, and Jerry Coyne as critics of group selection and E.O. Wilson and Martin Nowak as proponents, are out-of-touch with their own scientific discipline… The posturing and hyperbole of these major figures (sample: Pinker calls group selection a “scientific dust bunny” that “has no useful role to play in psychology or social science”) does not reflect well upon them, compared to the more reasoned attitude of the average evolutionary anthropologist.

58:56 Another Penis Story

Because I was a boy, it was legal for medical practitioners to restrain me, separate my foreskin from my glans and remove my foreskin. This is known medically as circumcision. It is also mutilation as it removed functional, healthy tissue and left a scar on my penis.

Modern foreskin restoration can involve a number of methods: from manual and taping methods to the use of various devices, colloquially referred to as tugging devices, as well as surgical procedures. I started with manual methods, found that the taping methods irritated my skin too much and then moved onto using a number of tugging devices. Initially, I also used silicone o-rings as a retainer, so as to keep what skin I had restored in place over my glans, protecting it from chafing; now that I have enough skin that my glans is covered, I rarely use o-rings.

And then … we pay lip service to vulvas

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Landon Hardbottom on digisex

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1:06:16 Franking Credits

To avoid this double taxation, the tax office allows companies who have paid company tax on their profit to pay ‘franked dividends’ with an attached ‘franking credit’.

Of the 34 OECD nations Australia is one of only four nations that calculate franking credits in this way.

But Australia goes further and provides a cash refund on any unused franking credits.

We are the only country that refunds unused franking credits.

Who benefits most from regular Franking Credits?

48.8% goes to the top 2.2%

What we have is people who are not earning income so can’t claim a rebate. What about students who are not working in the field they are studying who cannot claim a tax deduction?

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  1. Warren Foster says:

    “Guys, we haven’t spoken about penises for awhile”
    Great episode guys.
    Especially enjoyed your analysis of the Banking Royal Commission.
    Do you think there has been a disproportionate amount of coverage on this Royal Commission compared to the Royal Commission into Institutional Child Abuse? Priorities wrong?
    Keep up the good work,
    Demi God

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