Episode 187A- God Forbid

There was a problem with the first post so here is a second attempt.

In this episode, The Iron Fist reviews a recent God Forbid podcast. That podcast purported to provide a balanced discussion of religious freedom in Australia but, in fact, failed miserably to shed light on many compelling secular arguments.

So sit back and relax as The Iron Fist tries to live up to his name.

3 comments on “Episode 187A- God Forbid
  1. Warren Foster says:

    The debate wasn’t 2 against 1, it was 2.5 against 0.75.
    I feel ashamed for ever thinking the ABC provided unbiased coverage.
    I would LOVE to see you in the arena Fist.
    This episode was different to usual but equally as good.

  2. Brien Doyle says:

    The Bible is One, Single, Solitary book –
    and that is the total extent of your evidence to prove your god???


  3. Tony Wall says:

    Excellent breakdown Fist.

    As usual I found myself agreeing with you but there were a few angles you presented that I had not considered.

    Wish you were there to represent us.

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