Episode 180 – Highlights from January 2018

Episode 180 – Highlights from January 2018

We present the highlights of the Iron Fist Velvet Glove Podcast from January 2018.

1:38 Pirate Theory

9:17 Our economy is a house of cards

31:38 Command and Control

38:22 Flo is dead

43:40 GST causes a split in Aboriginal people

46:41 Singaporean organ donation scheme

50:22 Malik on the working class as a descriptor

53:50 The Greens ignore workers

59:46 An open letter to Stan Grant

1:05:42 Morgan Freeman on Black History Month

1:11:26 Indian submariners

1:13:25 Milkshake Duck

1:15:51 National days

1:21:17 Marion Maddox

1:23:25 Raju Singh wants to feel the wind in his hair

1:26:05 Adam Smith on the corruption of the market

1:28:29 Psycho Chicken

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