Episode 169 – David Gillespie

If you are considering what school to send your children to then this podcast is essential listening.

In this episode, Trevor interviews David Gillespie, the author of “Free Schools – How to get a great education for your kids without spending a fortune.”

As many of you know, Scott Morrison recently announced that the Federal Government will be providing an extra $4.6 Billion dollars to private schools. In previous podcasts, we have explained the history of government funding for private schools and we have tried to expose the unfairness of the current model.

Many people agree with what we have been saying but still feel that their child will almost certainly be better off by attending private school. David explains why that is not necessarily the case and debunks many myths about education.

You can purchase his book at his website.

Below is the article mentioned in the podcast.

School performance in Australia: results from analyses of school effectiveness: report for the Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet


One comment on “Episode 169 – David Gillespie
  1. Bronwyn Benn says:

    Hi guys,

    Many thanks for your excellent interview with David Gillespie. It was frankly a relief to listen to someone talking good sense about education from a strong evidence basis, rather than from a purely ideological or anecdotal perspective.

    This may already be covered in David’s book, but I have a tip to share with parents who would like to invest a bit more in their kids’ education and also have the means to do so. Save your money and pay their tertiary HECS fees instead. This will spare them from having to start adult life with a huge debt to repay, and will also help them to enter the housing market earlier. We’ve elected to do this with our two sons and have no regrets about choosing to educate them in the excellent State school system in Victoria.

    Best wishes,


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