Episode 167 – Ignorant politicians and an honourable thief

Our Australian podcast gives Education Minister Dan Tehan the Dan Quayle Award and we introduce an honourable thief.

5:33 David Gillespie gives some more analogies regarding our government’s funding of private schools. He says that it is the equivalent of an avid reader suggesting he is saving the local library by buying his own books and then expecting his collection to be paid for by the taxpayer.  Or the chap installing a pool in his backyard to be expecting it be paid for by the government because he is taking a load off the public pool.

13:27 Meanwhile Dan Tehan gets the Dan Quayle award for Geography and 18:06 as Scomo prays for rain he gets the … well, he gets the Scomo award. 22:23 The whole prayer thing reminds The Fist of  Marty and Cohle from True Detective as they watch a similar scene. But, say what you may, the Hillsong group knows how to run a business. Apparently, Hillsong has become a denomination

27:28 Listener Craig Sankey got a letter published in The Age. Speaking of The Age, how about this article “Atheists certainly can be, and often are, as good as Christians – but only thanks to God, to whom they owe their understanding of good and their moral will.”

29:34 Mormons have posthumously ‘baptised’ prominent Australians, including former prime ministers Robert Menzies and John Curtin, bushranger Ned Kelly, cricketer Don Bradman and well-known Indigenous people.

We received a nice 5-star iTunes review from Mattock Man.

37:29 The clinic of last resort gives a good summary of abortion law and practice in Australia.

41:11 Trump was laughed at by the UN. That was before he declared that he and Kim had fallen in love and before he met with the President of The Virgin Islands. It shows the importance of ridicule and mockery and why ridicule should not be banned by anti-discrimination laws.

45:37 The Kavanaugh Senate hearing. What is it all about? Story follows character, as the Greeks knew, and what we’re seeing now with the Bonfire of Republican Vanities is the predictable outcome of those who enabled the amoral presidency of Donald Trump.

50:01 Trump has turbo charged power. Previously, power had to consider backlash and ramifications from the powerless. But Trump has demonstrated that power can get away with anything. Deny the truth if you need to as being caught won’t matter. Otherwise, accept allegations of bad behaviour and say “so what?”. Say anything or say nothing. Keep other powerful people onside by tossing them a bone occasionally. Use your power while you have it. The powerless can’t stop you. Just charge on through.

51:36 Gee, the Banks were greedy. Who would’ve thought? Not Scott Morrison. But can any corporation be a good citizen?

55:34 A case of honourable theft

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