Episode 166 – Needy Private Schools, Free Will and Other Myths – an Australian Podcast

Episode 166 – Needy Private Schools, Free Will and Other Myths – an Australian Podcast

We start out with a shout out to Wilks and Tim and then launch into a discussion about government funding of private schools in Australia. If you want a private system, then you should fund 100% yourself. It is no surprise that Scott Morrison has thrown money at the private school sector. His argument that it is to help drought-affected families makes no sense given the Catholic hierarchy decides which schools get the money and they have previously distributed their money very unfairly to the detriment of poorer Catholic schools. Of course, Labor must accept a lot of the blame as they entered a bidding war with the Catholics. The funding model used to guess the school’s economic status from the socioeconomic status of the catchment area but now they use the actual income of the families of the school and as a result, the wealthy inner-city Catholic schools will miss out. $614,000,000 is designed to ease the burden of rich families having to pay their proper share. To help your dinner party debates we present a short history of how private school funding started at Goulburn and how we could replace the Goulburn Catholic schools for an extra 1% per annum. This and the TPP could be enough for The Fist to vote for the Greens.

27:05 Waz joined us to discuss a thought experiment regarding doctors performing circumcisions.

43:27 Letters to the editor, how did we go? – The Age Vs News Corp

Our democracy is in trouble. We said that in episode 135 when we learned the ABC bosses pulled Emma Alberici’s article. Now we find out they wanted to sack her. – ABC chairman Justin Milne told former managing director Michelle Guthrie to sack high-profile presenter Emma Alberici following a complaint from then-prime minister Malcolm Turnbull.

There are competing theories about what caused News Corp to align steadfastly to the right, given the success it has had playing the parties against one another. 54:04 It seems that Lachlan Murdoch will be no betterthan his father.

1:00:13 With a headline like this “I KNEW PM SCOTT MORRISON AT UNI AND HE WAS A DICKHEAD”! Former Liberal Party insider spills beans on “zero talent weirdo” I was inexorably drawn to the article. If you want to know how a no-hoper ends up as Prime Minister, read it.

Essential Report asks a stupid questionabout religious freedom so ignore that survey.

1:06:15 Scott Morrison wants to bring everyone together by creating separate celebration days. You’re right, that makes no sense. The 12th Man was ambivalent but a clip from Morgan Freeman tips him in the right direction.

1:14:50 David Marr is one of Australia’s best public intellectuals and his shows why again by refusing to accept the notion of cultural appropriation in literature. The guidelines of the Horne essay prize have since been changed after David Marr and Anna Funder quit in protest.

1:19:58 Spiked editor Brendan O’Neil has a new podcast and his first guest is Lionel Shriver. She says something along the lines of “One’s sense of self should be more profound than that.  Your essence should transcend being female. Being female is not meaningful enough to justify identity. It is mere chance and encompasses so much of a spectrum that it is meaningless. We have spent decades trying to escape boxes and now putting people back into them.”

1:23:11 Kenan Malik describes how we have gone from equal rights to stay in your lane. He notes that Jerk Rice is off the menu unless you have the “correct” genetic makeup.

1:26:38 ‘Everybody wants to see him go’: Tony Abbott comes VERY close to losing his seat of 25 years as party members stage revolt during heated electorate meeting

1:28:12 Thanks Patrons

1:29:54 Maverick0452 gave us a 5 star review on Itunes – Having stolen the requisite 20 free episodes of this strangely compelling podcast I have decided to support them by subscribing. The differing views keep me interested even when disagreeing with the speakers. Good guests also help. As the only paid up member of the ALP who listens I will keep an ear out for any subterfuge (kidding)

1:30:51 Bill Hayden has been baptised but what did he say before the stroke?

1:35:05 How do you live when you realise that you are a hackable animal, that your heart might be a government agent, that your amygdala might be working for Putin, and that the next thought that emerges in your mind might well be the result of some algorithm that knows you better than you know yourself? These are the most interesting questions humanity now faces.


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