Episode 165 – Morrison is testing the waters of religious privilege

Scott Morrison has tested his religious agenda on Sky News, The 7:30 Report, 2GB and The New York Times. We should all be worried.

3:17 Morrison on Sky News

So a school should be able to sack a teacher for immoral un-Christian behaviour but a Board or a professional partnership should not be able to sack a member for Christian bigotry.

10:42 The Senate Committee Report

The last paragraph of page 4 of the Senate Report states:

“… opinions about the prayer are not significantly different in 2018 than during the 1997 inquiry, nor indeed than when the prayer was first adopted (in 1901). Those in favour of the prayer strongly favour its retention, while those opposed to the prayer are less vocal and less concerned to see it changed.

15:50 The NSL Media Release About Prayers Continuing In The Senate

16:19 NSL Media Release: PM Blatantly Misleads Australians on Religious Freedom

19:30 A call to action – Letters to the Editor

24:19 “They defeat us, and we deserve it for our apathy.”

29:16 We offer a prayer for Scott Morrison

30:29 Archbishop Coleridge – Australia is a pluralist – not a secular – society,

31:26 Should a child be forced to stay for the National Anthem yet Senators be allowed to leave for prayers? A child refuses to stand. Comments by Pauline HansonHarper is not an impudent child, she is hope

41:44 Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony BS at events. Just another case of inherited privilege. The left objects to Christian Prayers but fawns over Aboriginal spiritual ceremonies. The Left objects to the Monarchy’s claim to inherited privilege but says nothing about Aboriginal claims to inherited privilege.

54:09 Landon Hardbottom has played us.

56:36 Morrison on Trump – It’s apparent that he doesn’t know Trump yet, describing him as “very practical” and someone “who’s not going to waste a day.”. “I like that about him,” enthused Morrison, who is obviously ready to do the Aussie equivalent of the Saudi sword dance. “I like that about him a lot, actually.’

59:54 What is a Pentecostal?

1:04:54 Josh Frydenberg has some dubious heroes

1:10:26 Greg Sheridan on Morrison Pentecostal faith

1:11:30 The Crikey subscription is hurting as much as The Australian subscription

1:13:27 Coleman Hughes on The Godless Spellchecker podcast provides an interesting insight into affirmative action. Minority students are placed in colleges where they would not normally qualify and are therefore in the bottom half (intellectually) of the cohort. A math student at MIT could be in the bottom 10% at MIT but be in the top 10% in the country. They struggle and drop out at higher rates than if they had been placed in a lower grade college. The problem cascades down through the lower colleges who have to offer places to unqualified students to meet their own quota requirements. California reversed the affirmative action law and graduation results improved. See this article in the Spectator.

One comment on “Episode 165 – Morrison is testing the waters of religious privilege
  1. Bronwyn says:

    Hi guys,

    My partner and I decided to take up your letters to the editor challenge. We have both sent letters to the two Melbourne papers and the three national papers listed in the link. I’ll let you know if we have any success.

    Also, while we’re on the subject of SloMo, you might be interested in the following:


    I should point out here that True Crime News Weekly isn’t exactly a respected organ, the article itself is highly defamatory, and none of it can be verified. But if you’re like me, you should get a few good laughs from it (among all the cringeing).

    I also found this interesting article from The Age, about some other activities of our friends the Mormons:


    Best wishes,


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