Episode 164 – The crazy left attacks Bandt but supports Serena

Episode 164 – The crazy left attacks Bandt but supports Serena

The Left has no moral compass. It attacked Adam Bandt for admiring his hot wife but supported the disgraceful behaviour of Serena Williams.

3:08 His hot wife gets Adam Bandt into hot water

Here are some of the comments:

Katred Stave – Poor judgement. Women in the public eye are sexually objectified enough and you are alienating your progressive support base by contributing to that. Be more measured in your social media posts. This is not a public statement, it is a private one. Have a firm word with your social media advisor or hire one if you are in danger of misjudged Trumpish outbursts like this.

Claudia Perkins – It’s ok everyone, I’m completely fine with this post! It was just a reference to how hot we are for each other even after 11 years together

Max Sergent – Does your wife have a name? Is she only defined by her relationship to you and her perceived attractiveness? I thought we were better than this.

Jared Hale – Green voters approved caption : My consensual domestic life partner who is facially aesthetically satisfactory is with me.

Christopher James – Bandt managed to expose the absolute unhinged insanity of Greens supporters better than any right winger ever could with a single post. I’m very impressed.

Mandy Damian Ellwood – What an odd post after your feminist post in recent days. Sounds like you are objectifying your wife for public consumption. Be proud of her, call her lovely or intelligent or even beautiful, but why promote her in this way in public? Undignified, disappointing.

Catherine Buckley – The above comments are the predicted outcome of policing everyday speech. Eat it up, Greens!

8:27 Tonightly with Tom Bollard nailed the problems with the left and identity politics

13:52 You cannot be Kygrios

Serena Williams – claims to be a victim of misogyny (her opponent is a woman) and her identity based argument to the umpire included  “I have a daughter and I stand for what’s right for her and I never cheated”. We ask, would Federer ever had said “But I have 4 kids?”.

Serena Williams has form.

Now this politics Facebook page. Applauded Williams.  “Serena Williams brilliantly took down the sexist double standards at the U.S. Open in her must-see post-match interview”. Sally Jenkins of the SMH got it all wrong and the comments section stuck it to her. Crikey sympathised with Williams and referenced articles to show men get treated better but the referred articles show single instances whereas Williams suffered from escalating penalties from successive incidents. It’s so easy to read the rules.

If women’s rights etc, was Williams’s objective then why did she not think of the lady on the other side of the court.

None of this is surprising given Serena Williams is a member of the Jehova Witnesses

28:34 Jehova Witnesses – WTF do they believe in?

30:35 That cartoon

37:48 A case of homeschooling is a sign that Aboriginal Identity has officially entered “cult” status.

Demand for recognition of one’s identity is a master concept that unifies much of what is going on in world politics today,

46:42 Francis Fukuyama – In a wide variety of cases, a political leader has mobilized followers around the perception that the group’s dignity has been affronted, disparaged or otherwise disregarded. (…) A humiliated group seeking restitution of its dignity carries far more emotional weight than people simply pursuing their economic advantages.

50:48 Labor Party Membership sign up form

53:33 Controversial columnist Bettina Arndt met by protesters at uni event

56:14 Vale Burt Reynolds – Deliverance – The film is infamous for cutting costs by not insuring the production and having the actors do their own stunts (most notably, Jon Voight climbed the cliff himself). In one scene, the stunt coordinator decided that a scene showing a canoe with a dummy of Burt Reynolds in it looked phony; he said it looked “like a canoe with a dummy in it.” Reynolds requested to have the scene re-shot with himself in the canoe rather than the dummy. After shooting the scene, Reynolds, coughing up river water and nursing a broken coccyx, asked how the scene looked. The director responded, “like a canoe with a dummy in it.

59:14 Evangelical support for Morrison

1:03:40 Submissions on Parliamentary Prayers. From Steve.  Hi Trevor, I’ve been randomly going through the various submissions to the Govt inquiry into replacement of parliamentary prayer, because I’m a sad case. Most of them are pretty predicable, but the final line on this one had me scratching my head. Unfortunately, under the current regime this probably counts as a cogent argument.

1:06:04 Abortion is like child abuse – says someone who should know – a Catholic Archbishop

1:07:50 Nice donations from Landon Hardbottom and Waz

1:13:44 From David – Well the guilt has got to me so I signed up via Patreon tonight. As a semi-retired accountant and philosopher, I heard about you gentlemen via my sad addiction to Cam Reilly’s 148 podcasts. Whilst I don’t agree with some of your politics I always enjoy your repartee. I am a paid-up member of the ALP so I have already warned the central committee of your nefarious schemes.

1:15:20 Police states are distinguished by, inter alia, a highly selective approach to the rule of law. Those deemed opponents of the government faced the full legal apparatus of the state, intend to punish those who embarrass or expose it, and deter any others who might similarly be tempted. But friends of the government can skirt the apparatus entirely, securing favour with a phone call, an email, an appeal to old mateship, business ties, mutual interests, donations. One rule for the former, no rules for the latter.

Contrast Au Pairs, detainees on Naura and The lawyer who spoke out about au pair saga loses government contract the day after TV interview airs. Quaedvlieg claimed to have received a call from Dutton’s chief of staff Craig Maclachlan seeking help for a “mate” over an Italian au pair detained in Brisbane. Never trust a guy who likes uniforms and medals. Would not have been out of place as a general in the Pinochet government.

1:20:25 David Frum – Impeachment is a constitutional mechanism. The Twenty-Fifth Amendment is a constitutional mechanism. Mass resignations followed by voluntary testimony to congressional committees are a constitutional mechanism. Overt defiance of presidential authority by the president’s own appointees—now that’s a constitutional crisis.  

1:31:35 The Blot Report

Until The Bell RingsScott Morrison

And he talked about the importance of freedoms. Of faith. Of religion. Of speech. Of association. That’s a great place to start a party, I reckon, and it’s a great place to continue to run a party from. So, in coming here today, a new generation of Liberal leaders are embracing all of those beliefs. They remain as relevant today as when he first said them. This is what Robert Menzies said, though, as they broke up that meeting in Albury, he said this – I’m sorry I have to write these down – Josh has a much better memory than me. I wasn’t very good at remembering verses at Sunday school either, but Jenny was a cracker. She used to sing them, too. I don’t think she’s going to do that today… [LAUGHS] I’ll be in trouble… Robert Menzies said this in Albury: “No party seizes the imagination of the people unless the people know the party stands for certain things. And we’ll fight for those things until the bell rings.” Well, we’re here today to affirm ourselves to those beliefs that I’ve just outlined, and pledge ourselves to them until the bell rings. Until the bell rings. Just like Robert Menzies did, and his team, and they went on to do great things for Australia. — Scott Morrison

But the one thing we need to remember is keeping those towns alive. It’s great to see it raining here in Albury today. I pray for that rain everywhere else around the country. And I do pray for that rain. I’d encourage other – others who believe in the power of prayer to pray for that rain and to pray for our farmers. Please do that. To everyone else who doesn’t like to do that, you just say, “Good on you, guys,” and “You, you go well.” And think good thoughts for them. Or whatever you do. – Scott Morrison

Mr Morrison said new religious freedom laws were needed to safeguard personal liberty in a changing society

The hypocrisy of Julie Bishop

2 comments on “Episode 164 – The crazy left attacks Bandt but supports Serena
  1. Bronwyn says:

    Hi guys, glad to see that you managed to make contact with the man behind The Blot Report. I very much enjoyed your interview with him, poor audio notwithstanding. I find him an interesting writer and thinker.

    Re ‘infiltrating’ the ALP, you may now have lost your element of surprise thanks to David, but you could still try going to a branch meeting. My partner is an ALP branch member and he tells me that, in his experience, most branches will welcome to a meeting someone who might be thinking about joining. You can’t vote on anything of course as you wouldn’t be a member, but you can go along to see how it all works. The best way is to find someone in your wider network of friends and contacts who might be prepared to take you along to their branch meeting.

    And finally, you may already have seen this, but if not:


    Best wishes as always.

    • The Iron Fist says:

      Hi Bronwyn. I have contacted the State Secretary at the Labor Party head office requesting an interview about membership and likely experiences at a branch. No response so far. I also wrote to Getup. Again, no response. I’ll keep trying to get those alternative voices. Trevor

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