Episode 163 – The Demise of the Nation State

Episode 163 – The Demise of the Nation State

Money shuffling by multi-nationals has left sovereign states powerless.

2:38 The Fist appeared on The Bullshit Filter

6:13 Apparently, we are not allowed to poke fun at the religious belief of our Prime Minister

10:11 Gay conversion therapy is on the nose

14:30 Reason Party meeting – my thoughts

18:25 Get up – who are they?

22:46 Thousands of Islamists have set off on a protest march in Pakistan to demand Imran Khan’s new government sever diplomatic ties with the Netherlands over a “blasphemous” cartoon competition.

29:30 Let’s categorise Americans by religious belief

33:53 Australia has seen a continued rise in social hostilities involving religion, according to an annual study by the Pew Research Center.

37:15 The demise of the nation-state

54:22 David Attenborough recommends Patreon

57:27 Poetry corner

1:00:25 More Orwellian output from The Australian

1:03:25 Truth isn’t Truth


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