Episode 161 – The Liberal Party Suffers The Final Solution

Episode 161 – The Liberal Party Suffers The Final Solution

1:00 Turnbull Vs Dutton. The conservative religious nutters can’t stand having a progressive in charge of their “Conservative” Party. Welcome to the future of the Liberal Party as it lurches into a Tea Party abyss of conservative ideology.

10:00 A study shows that endorsement of free-market economics predicted rejection of climate science

12:24 Is Dutton in breach of S.44? He is a beneficiary of a trust that receives money from the government subsidy for childcare centres and constitutional law experts say this is a 50/50 decision.

16:06 Fraser Anning’s speech on Muslim immigration provokes heavy criticism from both sides of Parliament. The allegations about his use of the words “final solution” are overblown. His desire for a white Christian Australia is way off the mark but he had some legitimate points.

34:05 Here is fact check on his allegations about the Muslim crime rate.

Here is a link to his full speech

Katter backs him 1000%

37:33 What is right wing and what is left wing?

Call out in a loud voice: “Hypocrisy” This article also refers to a survey of Australian attitudes to Muslim immigration.

40:32 Justin Trudeau feels the heat over open-door policy for asylum-seekers

50:10 Chinese Americans object to affirmative action policies

52:01 Tokyo medical school discriminated against women which leads on to a discussion about Japanese guilt and the second world war.

1:00:15 Bronwyn – Suggested we get more leftist views – We have tried Bronwyn – Successful opposing views include Chris Lambe (on religion)  and Cam Reilly (on immigration at least) and Robin Bristow (on a Bill of Rights) and RWT (on capitalism) and Brett (on conquered people). Failed attempts for contrary views include Kevin Donnelly (to debate Hugh Harris), Jacinta Nampijimpa Price, Alex Deagon and Freedom for Faith. Failed attempts for similar views include FIRIS and Dying with Dignity. Who would like to help?

Bronwyn suggested the following:

– The Blot Report. This guy writes a regular blog which was originally set up to focus on the activities of the Murdoch press, but in fact has a wider focus on issues from a left wing perspective. http://www.blotreport.com/
– Victoria Rollison. If you watch Q&A (I don’t), you will have seen Victoria on the recent People’s Panel. She also writes a blog when she is not busy working on her PhD.https://victoriarollison.com/
– Dave Donovan, who edits Independent Australia, is another interesting LW thinker. https://independentaustralia.net/
– Donovan, aka Mr OzAtheist, is half of the Common Heathens podcast. http://commonheathens.com/

It’s not easy. An interview on IFVG could be very uncomfortable.

Hi Trevor, Just finished listening to the podcasts this week.  As you are now making a sacrifice and wading through the murk of Murdoch’s press, I have put an extra $20 donation to pay for a couple of week’s subscription.  Hope this makes you feel a little less dirty!  As we used to say to someone in my old job if they took on a shitty task “You took one for the team!” Cheers, Brett

Subscriptions include The Australian, The Guardian, Crikey, NY Times, Medium, Cam’s podcasts

1:05:57 Do you remember Dexter The Peacock – seems that wasn’t so bad

1:11:53 A biology survey

1:14:58 Psycho Chickens in Soccer

1:18:54 She’s at it again – Yassmin Abdel-Magied claims she was forced to spend one hour waiting in a customs queue because she is a Muslim from Africa

1:21:31 Ruby Rose was seen as perfect for the role of Jewish lesbian superhero Kate Kane, but critics have claimed she is not gay enough.

1:23:50 Soutphommasane and the exacerbation of race politics

1:27:00 Janelle on Free Speech


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  1. Squeaky Wheel says:

    Hiya, Correction for the Twelth Man re the blasphemy convinction in Indonesia. Medan is in North Sumatra, but not in Aceh Province. It is nearby, but it isn’t in Aceh. It represents ‘creeping Shariah’ from Aceh to elsewhere in the north.

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