Episode 158A – Better Audio Version – The Return of Right Wing Tony

Episode 158A – Better Audio Version – The Return of Right Wing Tony

Right Wing Tony reflects on the by-election results and we discuss the issues of the week including Lauren Southern, Donor Sperm,  protesting in a plane, Nine buying Fairfax, an Angry Buddhist and a Government Relations Officer who criticised the government on her private twitter feed and was sacked by Cricket Australia.

This episode 158A is the same content as episode 158 but hopefully has better quality audio.

1:40 By-election results

20:32 Lauren Southern stopped by police from walking down a street in Lakemba.

What is the legal definition of breaching the peace in NSW?and see also here

30:11 Dads and donor sperm

Swedish plane protester

Should men ask their girlfriend’s father for permission to marry their daughter? e.g Jordan Kahu.

A Christian’s list of questions for a father to ask a potential son-in-law

44:56 Nine buys Fairfax

51:10 Google fined and Trump may be right

59:16 Angry Buddhist – “Yeah, it’s Japanese monastic cuisine you uneducated fuck.”

1:02:00 Prayers in Parliament – please make a submission

1:03:41 Cricket Australia sacks worker over series of tweets about abortion

2 comments on “Episode 158A – Better Audio Version – The Return of Right Wing Tony
  1. Brett Jones says:

    Hi boys.
    As a patreon, I am reserving my right to comment on last weeks podcast. Please reflect on these things if you will and see if you want to discuss any of them in your show.

    There are so many things that Right Wing (Whinge) Tony (RWT) said that made me shake my head. There are many things I would like to debate but I doubt that I can do some of them justice. I will pick out two things to rant about though.

    One of the things that really stuck in my craw (that Trevor you called out), was he pulled out the old favourite chestnut of those who live on the political fringes both left and right. “I don’t need facts, I have my lived experience”. Seriously? We need facts and figures to drive intelligent policy that benefits a larger number of people. His lived experience seemed to be in a law firm, where everyone was aspirational and “none of them sought a life on welfare”. OK, so you are taking your poll from people who are highly educated, genetically gifted with both intelligence and mental stability and capabilities to thrive and focus. I am also going to throw in an assumption here that RWT can clarify if he feels like, they were probably those born into privilege. How many people born in the worst parts of the city, educated at lower rung universities such as Griffith University did he employ? Or where they mostly from Bond Uni, or UQ? He is not taking into account the workers with less natural gifts who are just as driven to have a good life, but get shafted with the shitty jobs with crappy pay, or unable to get jobs in hoity toity law firms (or at all). Minimum wage does not create aspiration, it breeds discontent and hopelessness. That is part of what is wrong with your assumptions RWT.

    Next, the great quote: “The fastest growing public service in Queensland and they do nothing, they create no product, they are totally unproductive”. Who are you talking about? The nurses, teachers, ambulance drivers, fire fighters, police, landscape gardeners, those working on road gangs under shift work and dangerous conditions? Are they ALL unproductive? I dare you to say that to a nurse who has just worked a split shift in a public ward. Or a teacher who has just been told to fuck off by a confused low socioeconomic child who had no breakfast or lunch and is tired and hungry. I think they may object to you. I think you may get some choice words. In the end, they are working and earning money. Would you prefer they be on welfare?

    There are so many problems that capitalism overlooks in its grand philosophy of “Sink or swim”, that always seems to ensure the cream goes to the current class in power and the shit flows downhill. These are the things that make people angry and need addressing. Sure, capitalism has driven great benefits and should continue to be a philosophy, however we need to ensure the inequality gap is narrowed. And if some fat cat lawyers are shaken out of their tree and made bankrupt so more teachers and blue collar workers can make a better living, let’s get on with that!


  2. Bronwyn says:

    Hi guys, sorry but I had to turn Right Wing Tony off after less than 10 minutes. I couldn’t stomach any more of his biased and delusional views. (Bill Shorten a socialist? Puh-lease.) Disappointingly, not your usual more diverse and evidence based offering. Hope you can do better next week.

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