Episode 158 – The Return of Right Wing Tony

Episode 158 – The Return of Right Wing Tony

Right Wing Tony reflects on the by-election results and we discuss the issues of the week including Lauren Southern, Donor Sperm,  protesting in a plane, Nine buying Fairfax, an Angry Buddhist and a Government Relations Officer who criticised the government on her private twitter feed and was sacked by Cricket Australia.

1:40 By-election results

20:32 Lauren Southern stopped by police from walking down a street in Lakemba.

What is the legal definition of breaching the peace in NSW?and see also here

30:11 Dads and donor sperm

Swedish plane protester

Should men ask their girlfriend’s father for permission to marry their daughter? e.g Jordan Kahu.

A Christian’s list of questions for a father to ask a potential son-in-law

44:56 Nine buys Fairfax

51:10 Google fined and Trump may be right

59:16 Angry Buddhist – “Yeah, it’s Japanese monastic cuisine you uneducated fuck.”

1:02:00 Prayers in Parliament – please make a submission

1:03:41 Cricket Australia sacks worker over series of tweets about abortion

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