Episode 157 – A Bunch of Losers Debunk Some Myths

Episode 157 – A Bunch of Losers Debunk Some Myths

To change minds, offer an alternative instead of a vacuum.

2:10 The Unions want to indoctrinate children

9:25 Bill of Rights clarification. I’m not trying to con people.

15:35 Identity Politics – why we are not guilty

16:43 Greens Policies

26:46 “Why shouldn’t a Christian school insist that all its staff are Christian?” He added: “You can do whatever you like in private. 

30:05 (it’s) often related to a healthier diet, greater physical activity and exercise, less severe alcohol abuse/dependence, less cigarette smoking, less psychological stress, lower anxiety, less depression, more positive emotions … greater social support and integration, and positive personality traits.

32:02 But here are the statistics

35:01 Marty says we are a bunch of losers

37:06 Trump on Iran

41:40 Identity Politics and Tribal thinking revision

47:18 This lining up of identities dramatically changes electoral stakes: previously if your party lost, other parts of your identity were not threatened, but today losing is also a blow to your racial, religious, regional and ideological identity

My new favourite podcast “You Are Not So Smart

The Backfire Effect

The Debunking Handbook


2 comments on “Episode 157 – A Bunch of Losers Debunk Some Myths
  1. Robin Bristow says:

    Barnarby Joyce did not support the hpv vaccine because he said it would make girls promiscuous. https://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/barnaby-joyces-other-betrayal-20180209-h0vurf.html

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