Episode 156 – Reason, Rights, Catholics and Angry Virgins

Episode 156 – Reason, Rights, Catholics and Angry Virgins

The only podcast which combines Constitutional Law, Sex Dolls, Gun Control, Selfish Catholics, Angry Consecrated Virgins, State of Origin and Branch Stacking into a compelling 90-minute discussion.

2:01 Robin Bristow discusses the Reason Party and a petition

9:15 Robin Bristow defends the benefits of a Bill of Rights. In the discussion, we referred to Freedom of Speech and Net Neutrality, the South African example and Bob Carr.

26:23 A Regulator threatens Catholic education chief with jail. Clearly, there is work to do to improve the Labor Party as Bill Shorten has blasted as “un-Australian” the investigation. Catch the Fire Ministries were previously caught by the rule. Catholics priests say they are against any movement by any civil authority to expect priests to divulge anything from a penitent.

34:11 Despite flouting our laws,  Catholic leaders have called for a social policy expert to be appointed to a panel advising the Fair Work Commission and clearly they want one of their own to do this role.

36:18 Scarlett Johansson quits transgender role after LGBT backlash

42:44 Paedophilic art and Sex dolls and online games

50:18 What’s wrong with America? Trump and Russia. How will tribalism play out?

56:35 My theory about joining the Labor Party gets a tick of approval from listener Greg who wrote in and said:

As to joining the Labor Party,  I couldn’t agree more. 
The same-sex marriage debate would have been so much cleaner if more secular people were members of LNP and Labor
The liberals Web site claims 80,000 members
The 2016 Census counted just under 46,800 same-sex couples living together in Australia. Let’s call it 90,000 same sex people living together
I do the math and think we pay a big price for the average Australians complacency

1:02:22 Are you a virgin? … oh doesn’t matter…

1:06:55 In the twelve-hour window from 6 pm to 6 am on State of Origin game night, women and children in New South Wales are almost 40 per cent more likely to become victims of Domestic Violence

1:09:29 Testimonials and patrons

1:11:10 Kenan Malik coming to Brisbane in April

1:11:58 A Supreme Court judge has banned the wife of an accused terrorist from wearing a niqab veil in the court’s public gallery. and a discussion regarding flu masks.

1:20:22 Sasha Baron Cohen is a genius and here is his cast

1:30:50 Be careful if you sign Robin’s petition, you might become So woke you can’t have fun

Whats Wrong With America By The Relatives

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One comment on “Episode 156 – Reason, Rights, Catholics and Angry Virgins
  1. Brett Jones says:

    Just a comment on the Scarlet Johansson discussion. Ever watched How I Met Your Mother? Barney Stinson, a womanising misogynist …. played perfectly by Neil Patrick Harris, a gay man. Why did they not have to find a straight male who identified as a womanising misogynist? I feel very offended that they got away with that! 🙂

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