Episode 155 – The Double Standards of Christian Crybabies

Episode 155 – The Double Standards of Christian Crybabies

Senator Dan Tehan is the latest Christian Crybaby to lament over a false picture of declining Christian power and James Paterson abandons his free speech principles to appease Mormon powerbrokers in the Victorian Liberal Party.

2:06 Reason meeting at a Grill’d restaurant in Brisbane

6:30 We need to copy Christian dominionists and effect a rationalist takeover of the Liberal Party.

12:29 Social Services Minister Dan Tehan has called for a Religious Discrimination Act to provide greater protections to people of faith.

But Tehan’s not oppressed by the state. Rather, he is the state, which makes his speech distinctly odd.

20:49 Our old friend James Patterson joins Tehan

24:44 Queensland LNP vows to fight ‘retrograde’ attempt to scrap Lord’s prayer

28:45 LNP members vote to save Christmas but not strengthen environmental mining laws

30:33 A report today in the Courier Mail says the Queensland Law Reform Commission have not only recommended abortion be removed from the Criminal Code, but that safe access zones be implemented around clinics!

How to volunteer

31:58 Lyle Logic thanks Bronwyn

34:41 A trans woman will compete in Miss Universe for the first time

36:40 Scarlett Johansson’s Casting as Transgender Man Draws a Backlash

40:33 Shebah has hit Hobart and has been cleared by the state’s anti-discrimination commission to engage female only drivers.

44:28 Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young has demanded Liberal Democrat David Leyonhjelm pay her compensation and apologise within seven days or face defamation action over six separate statements he has made about her personal life.

49:33 In 2017 the median income was $52,988 and the top 10% of employees earned more than $109,668. Congratulations to those in the top 10%, you’re now officially middle-income Australia.

53:22 Curses, black magic and witchdoctors: Ancient beliefs at large in remote NT communities

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  1. Bronwyn says:

    Congratulations to Fist and Mrs. Fist on becoming grandparents!

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