Episode 154 – Senate Prayers, Paedophilic Employees and Danish Assimilation

Why Suncorp should have hired a paedophile plus Senate prayers and incredible new assimilation laws in Denmark.

2:10 Greens move to scrap ‘archaic’ Lord’s prayer in Senate sittings

7:38 According to Lyle Shelton, The Greens attack on Lord’s Prayer is an act of cultural vandalism

12:20 You can make a submission here

12:30 Follow the NSL campaign

12:48 Speaking of submissions – The Census question on religion

18:32 Harvard has discriminated against Asians

23:53 US Supreme Court. Kennedy resignation shows why a Bill of Rights is a bad idea. The US Supreme Court is a shambles. The Christian Right has achieved one of their dominionism objectives.

30:41 BE Vs Suncorp Should a convicted paedophile be able to claim unfair discrimination?

44:12 When you take a deep dive into a shallow intellect, all you get is a headache.

50:02 Pauline Hanson – when a flip-flop is not a flip-flop and “woman’s intuition” regarding Bill Shorten. From Brett “What would she say if an Indigenous Elder said something like my indigenous ways of knowing tells me that I cannot trust Pauline”?

52:18 Merkel, to Survive, Agrees to Border Camps for Migrants

54:53 In Denmark, Harsh New Laws for Immigrant ‘Ghettos’

One comment on “Episode 154 – Senate Prayers, Paedophilic Employees and Danish Assimilation
  1. Bronwyn Benn says:

    Hi guys, another very interesting and enjoyable ep. Thanks for the thoughtful discussion on the issue I raised, in relation to whether pollies should vote according to their conscience, or reflect the wishes of their electorate. On further consideration, I think Trevor is right to suggest that it depends on the issue. It occurs to me that the most compelling counter argument to my original argument is the death penalty. This is an issue on which we expect pollies to show leadership – if they didn’t, we’d probably have hanging back again, as it remains a popular idea.

    Anyway, I actually set out to respond to your discussion about the idiotic Lyle Shelton, to whom your podcast owes so much. You may have seen his comment this week that “you wouldn’t get approval to mine asbestos, so why do state governments approve of brothels?”. If you appreciate a good laugh, see #LyleLogic where the wits of Twitter have had a lot of fun matching two completely unrelated concepts to great comic effect, in homage to Lyle. Enjoy!

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