Episode 145 – Cameron Reilly on Culture, Immigration and Free Will.

This episode features a lively discussion with podcast legend Cameron Reilly as we discuss culture, immigration and free will.

The links:

Was Scott Intolerant or Culturally Insensitive when talking about “no handshake no citizenship“?

Cultural Imperialism nonsense from our last show when we discussed this article from Spiked

Free Will and Luck

Here is a link to Cameron’s podcasts

2 comments on “Episode 145 – Cameron Reilly on Culture, Immigration and Free Will.
  1. Tony Wall says:

    What a wonderful, wide ranging, respectful, passionate and robust conversation.

    Thanks boys. You go from strength to strength. Excellent choice of guest.
    Without question one of your best episodes.

    Keep it up.

  2. Brett Jones says:

    Wow, I was scared going into this one. Would it be the worst crossover episode since The Simpsons and The Family Guy? I am a big fan of Cameron Rielly and often wondered whether you guys would meet up in front of the microphone. Luckily, there was no carwash in cut off pants and mid-riff tops in this one!

    I must say Fist, you did an excellent job in mediating the volatile discussion between the 12th Man and Cam. Nice dig at Ray too, I wonder if he has been sent a sound bite yet?


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