Episode 140 – Unequal Fines, Aboriginal Witch Doctors and a Text Message from Judas Iscariot

Unequal Fines, Aboriginal Witch Doctors and a Text Message from Judas Iscariot.

1:49 We catch up with Caitlin to discuss her rally calling for an exclusion zone for an Albury fertility clinic.

14:20 We review my interview with Chris Lambe of the New Creation Church.

23:23 Stephen Hawking had a sense of humour and many Christians are gloating that he is now burning in the fires of Hell.

29:55 Tony Abbott blessed Border Force but it didn’t help.

31:56 The Voltaire award is becoming an annual farce.

36:14 Assisted Dying has a good chance of getting passed in the Qld Parliament if it ever comes to a vote.

39:27 Should wealthy people pay higher fines?

49:32 Finland Finland Finland is the happiest country in the world.

53:02 The UK is worried that a FTA with the USA could lead to fatter UK kids.

55:34 The Labor party is sucking up to the Catholic Education sector

58:11 We moan about the proposed corporate tax cuts, again.

1:06:32 Thought crime in the UK

1:10:43 The Human Rights Commission has been asked to look into the School Chaplaincy program

1:12:53 Should witch doctors be allowed into our medical system if it means that Aboriginal people are more likely to go to hospital and get some western medicine as well?

1:26:53 Christian Aboriginal leaders bemoan the arrival of white people but shouldn’t they celebrate the fact that they brought Christianity with them?

1:31:12 Should the Aboriginal flag fly on Anzac Hill?

1:45:26 A movie review of Mary Magdalene.

1:49:23 Hang on while I read this text message from Judas Iscariot

The links:

Stephen Hawking is now in Hell … apparently.

May God Bless Youdoesn’t work

Yassmin Abdel-Magied, who infuriated Australians with her infamous Anzac Day tweet last year, has won a coveted free speech award.

Assisted Dying laws in Queensland.

Mary Magdalene

Alexa, play The Iron Fist Velvet Glove Podcast

Thought crime

Bigger fines for Rich people? What they do in Finland

World’s happiest countries

UK anti-obesity drive at risk from new US trade deal, doctors warn

Amanda Stoker

Freethought leaders call for an inquiry into school chaplaincy program

Ruddock review swamped by submissions

Aboriginal flag designer questions why the town that inspired it refuses to fly it

Indigenous prayer vigil held at site of first contact

‘Just let me read this text from Judas Iscariot’

40% support company tax cuts

14 reasons why the case for a company tax cut for big business has collapsed


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