Episode 138 – The Chaplaincy Program Could be Illegal

5:50 So it turns out you can pray in Canberra without being convicted of a criminal offence.

9:07 The TPP is back. Get Up campaigning. The URL says zombie, Meanwhile Trump will exempt the great country of Australia from steel tariffs. I feel dirty.

19:16 The Andrew’s Government takes on the Ellis Defence and see comments here

25:38 The Holy See opposed freedom from religion at the UN

29:42 Three cheers for Fiona Patten

31:39 Liberal MP’s want to increase the Chaplaincy program. But, maybe there is a possible legal challenge.

41:24 If you are spending money on private school fees you are wasting your money

47:36 Religion does more harm than good 

51:49 Raju Singh returns

54:41 A blessing ceremony with an AR-15

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