Episode 135 – Conquered People could be a compliment

A listener has suggested that The Velvet Glove used insensitive language towards Indigenous Australians and The Fist provides a different perspective. We also look at tribalism, online arguments, protest-free zones for abortion clinics, gun control in America, circumcisions in Iceland, the cowardice of the current ABC leadership, judges with jobs on the side and divorcing yourself from the Catholic Church.

1:09 We chat with Brett about how to speak about Indigenous Australians.

33:46 We chat with Matt about tribalism, social cues and online arguments.

1:04:12 From Ken – Do you guys recommend any sort of group or organization for people to join or support? Are there any out there doing a good job?

1:10:54 Podcast awards – vote for us

1:11:42 Silent prayers – is that a protest?

1:13:04 Pro-Choice Volunteers Are Countering Religious Picketers With Chocolate And Chaperones In Queensland

1:14:58 Another shooting – enjoy your assault rifle but you better not try to buy a beerTrump blames FBI for concentrating on Russia at expense of crazy gunman meanwhile he changed an Obama law to stop mentally ill from getting guns. The Russians own Trump. Ban guns. If people get upset, send them thoughts and prayers. Australians can still own guns, but …

1:20:06 Faith healing kills kids: Protesters march against Idaho Republicans who believe parents have the right to kill their children with prayer.

1:23:16 Jewish leaders hit out over Iceland’s plans to ban boys’ circumcision

1:29:15 Turnbull’s attack on Emma Alberici’s tax-cut analysis doesn’t add up MICHAEL KEATING. Trickle down economics and the Emma Alberici article.

1:31:46 Two sitting Queensland judges should quit their roles as legal advisers to the Anglican church, given the risk of controversy around the church’s responses to child sex abuse claims, according to a leading authority on judicial ethics.

1:32:58  Actus Formalis Defectionis AB Ecclesia Catholica:


2 comments on “Episode 135 – Conquered People could be a compliment
  1. Brett Jones says:

    Hi Matt

    I thought your topic was fantastic and well worth a discussion. I agree with you 100%, it makes me overwhelmingly depressed to see that most conversations on line seem to be mudslinging matches where the person who uses the most invective tirade seems to think they win. Especially if they use the C-word. It is just a devolution of our society playing out in text.

    I much preferred how the conversation between myself and The Fist / 12th Man went. We did not agree on something. I could have spewed forth a diatribe against them online. However, I chose to calmly and with consideration of their right for opinions, raise my thoughts. They too had the choice of either ignoring me or getting me on their podcast and sling verbal stones at me until I was a bleeding corpse. They probably would have beaten me hands down as they are practiced speakers and I am not. But they chose to engage me and speak their viewpoint with dignity and intelligence.

    In the end, we had a fruitful discussion that may lead to the future consumption of hops and malts based fermented beverages. If there was a “winner” that is up to the listeners to decide.

    If only all conversations could go as such.

    Cheers to you and thanks to the guys for giving us the opportunity to talk on their program.


  2. Rob Southwood says:

    I think you guys are missing the point a bit with regards to the caller’s feedback regarding the discussion about aborigines. The indiscretions against them did not end 200 years ago. It is ongoing and (with respect) to compare their experience to Japanese bombing of Australia seems ignorant in the extreme. Regardless of whether some Aborigines are behaving in a counterproductive way, regardless of legal interpretations (conquered/not conquered) empathy/sympathy must absolutely be in the front of mind when discussing these issues.

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